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What is the mole fraction of water in a 56.214 percent C6H12O6 aqueous solution?


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An aqueous solution has 56.241% C6H12O6. If the amount of C6H12O6 solution is taken as 100 g, then it contains 56.241 g C6H12O6 and 43.786 g water. The number o...

56.214 g
No. of moles, ncjHO
180.16 g/mol
Molar mass
0.312 mol
43.786 g
No. of moles, n,
18.0 g/mo
2.43 mol

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C6H1206 56.214 g Mass No. of moles, ncjHO 180.16 g/mol Molar mass 0.312 mol Water 43.786 g No. of moles, n, water 18.0 g/mo 2.43 mol


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