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What is the numerical value of Ksp for silver oxalate, Ag2C2O4, if a saturated solution contains 2.2X10-4 M Ag+ and 1.1X10-4 M C2O4-2?


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Step 1

The Ksp which is also known as the solubility product constant is used to show the equilibrium which is present between the solid and its constituent ions in a given solution. The value of this constant is used for the identification of the degree up to which a given compound can dissociate into water.


Step 2

The dissociation of Ag2C2O4 can be shown as below:

Ag C,O,(aq)
2Ag (aq)+C,0 (aq)

Image Transcriptionclose

Ag C,O,(aq) 2Ag (aq)+C,0 (aq)

Step 3

The concentration of the Ag+ ions is given to be 2.2×10-4M.

The concentration of the oxalate ions is given to be 1.1&ti...

K-Ag C0
=(2.2x 10 M) (1.1x10 M)
=5.324 102M

Image Transcriptionclose

K-Ag C0 =(2.2x 10 M) (1.1x10 M) sp =5.324 102M


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