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What is the reaction that represents ΔHf° for Al2O3 (s)?

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Step 1

Thermite reaction is given by:

2Al (s)Fe203 (s)
Al203(s)2Fe (s)

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2Al (s)Fe203 (s) Al203(s)2Fe (s)

Step 2

Calculation for ΔHo...

ΔΗΔΗ'r (product)-ΔΗr (reactant)
ΔΗ( (ΔΗ, (Al,O) +2 ΔΗ(Fe)) -(2 ΔΗ
(Al) + ΔΗ (FepO)
ΔΗ-1676.0 KJ +2 (0) ) - (2(0) + (-822.1 K )
ΔΗ-1676.0 ΚJ+ 822.1 KI
ΔΗ-853.9 KJ

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ΔΗΔΗ'r (product)-ΔΗr (reactant) ΔΗ( (ΔΗ, (Al,O) +2 ΔΗ(Fe)) -(2 ΔΗ (Al) + ΔΗ (FepO) ΔΗ-1676.0 KJ +2 (0) ) - (2(0) + (-822.1 K ) ΔΗ-1676.0 ΚJ+ 822.1 KI ΔΗ-853.9 KJ


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