Asked Jan 4, 2020

What type of a thermometer is recommended to measure accurately a temperature of 20K.


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A: The expression for the velocity is,


Q: Insulators also contain electrons, but they are not conductors, Why?

A: Insulators consist of atoms having tightly bound electrons. Whereas, conductors have free electrons.


Q: 2. A person pushes a 10 kg cart from rest a distance of 5 m with a constant horizontal force of 10 N...

A: (a)The change in kinetic energy is equal to the work done.


Q: A jack screw is provided with a long arm. Explain why?

A: A jack screw is a type of mechanical device which is used for lifting moderate to heavy loads though...


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A: The heavy cold air from the environment enters the cave and warm air inside rises up and escapes, lo...


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A: Click to see the answer


Q: The slope of ice line in the phase diagram of water is negative . Why?

A: The melting curve or fusion curve of ice/water is very special. It has a negative slope due to the f...


Q: Why mercury is used as a thermometric liquid?

A: Thermometric liquids are the liquid which is used in temperature measuring devices.


Q: Linear displacement is also called free vector whereas electrical intensity is called a bound vector...

A: Linear displacement is also called free vector because