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When B-Cells activate they are put into 3 different types. What are they and their fuctions?


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Step 1

B-cell is responsible for the humoral side of immunity because B-cell has the capability of converting itself into the plasma cell. Plasma cells are antibody-producing factories of our body that start producing antibodies. Those antibodies are very specific against a specific pathogen. It can go against the pathogen to interact with the pathogen and then it can cause several destructions to the pathogen. It can help pathogens to be degraded by phagocytosis by other phagocytic cells of our body such as macrophages by the process called opsonization. 

Step 2

When B-Cells activate they are put into 3 different types.

  1. Memory 
  2. Regulatory
  3. Plasma
Step 3
  • Memory: seeds immune tissue2 are activated upon subsequent infection.
  • Regulatory: secretes IL-10 and regula...

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