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When reading the periodic table there are Periods (rows) and Groups/ Families (columns).  

Describe what the group number represents (the numbers at the top of each column) 

Describe what the period number represents (the number on the far left side of each row) 


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Step 1

In the periodic table, the group number is used to identify the column in which the elements will be present. Also, group number is an indication of number of valence electrons of elements present in that group. There are 18 groups in the standard periodic table.

Step 2

Group-1 contains alkali metals and Group-2 contains alkaline earth metals and their valence electrons are one and two respectively. While considering group 13-18, the last digit will be the number of valence electrons. For example, Group-13 contains three valence electrons and group-18 contains eight valence electrons. For transition elements which is in group-3, group-4 and so on, the group number indicates the total number of valence electrons in d and s subshell.

Step 3

Periods in the periodic table are the horizontal rows and there are seven periods in the standard periodic table. The periodic number in a periodic table indicates the maximum number ...

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