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Which of the following aqueous solutions will be the best conductor of electricity and why?

a. 0.05 M KCL

b. 0.2M HCLO4

c. 0.25M HCLO

d. 0.5 M CH3OH


Expert Answer

Step 1

Electrical current is conducted by compounds which dissociates in water to give ions.

Ionic compounds which are soluble in water, dissociates to give ions and thus conduct electrical current.

Acids are good conductor of electricity when they are taken in aqueous solution. When an acid is dissolved in water, it gives hydrogen ions and anions as well. The stronger the acid, the more hydrogen ions in solution, the better the conductor.

Step 2

CH3OH is a covalent compound not ionic and it does not dissociate in water to give ions. Therefore, it does not act as a conductor of electricity.

HClO is a weak acid, so it will act as a weak conductor of electricity.

HClO4 is a strong acid and so it acts as a good conductor of electricity.

KCl is an ionic compound, hence it will also act as a good conductor of electricity.

Step 3

Now, we need to compare between HClO4  and KCl. The dissociatio...


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HCIO: (аq) — н' (аq) + CIO+ (aq) K* (aq) + Cl (aq) KCl (aq)


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