Asked Feb 9, 2019

Which of the following substances will dissolve Sudan iv?
Explain why or why not?

Heavy cream
Skim milk


Expert Answer

Step 1

Sudan IV is a lipid soluble dye. It has reddish brown crystals and has hydroxy, azo functionalities onto arene rings.


Step 2

Sudan IV is used to detect lipids. It is itself insoluble in water and soluble in lipids as well as non polar solvents. On adding to lipid, it forms reddish colored solution with them and hence stains lipids.

Step 3

When treated with Sudan iv, 

Vinegar : gives negative test.

Because, it is an aqueous solution of acetic acid. It has 80% water. So, it will not dissolve in Sudan iv.

Margarine: gives positive test.

Margarine contains vegetable oil so it is soluble with sudan iv.

Lemonade: gives negative test. 

It contains lemon juice wi...

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