Asked Jan 2, 2020

Why do animals curl into ball during winter?


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The expression for the heat lib...

Physics homework question answer, step 1, image 1

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Q: What is percentage increase in the speed of sound when temperature increases from -5 degree C to 32 ...

A: Given,            Temperature increases from -5 degree C to 32-degree C.


Q: What is epoch?

A: Epoch: - It is defined as certain event chosen and marked as reference in timed (especially) to repr...


Q: A point on a rotating disc is not considered to be simple harmonic ,Why?

A: In simple harmonic motion the acceleration of the body executing the motion will be proportional to ...


Q: Define the term electric potential. State and define its SI unit?

A: Electric potential can be defined as the amount of work done in moving a point charge from a referen...


Q: Can the electron in the ground state of hydrogen absorb a photon of energy less than 13.6 eV? Can it...

A: Click to see the answer


Q: Explain different wave patterns with the help of diagram?

A: Different patterns of waves according to the movement of the wave-particle is:Longitudinal waves: In...


Q: State the condition when the work done by a force is (a) positive (b) negative. Explain with help of...

A: (a)The work done by a force is the product of the force applied on the object and the displacement o...


Q: How is the volume of water affected when it boils at 100 degree C?

A: The volume of liquid water decreases as the water boils at 100°C.


Q: A beam of 6.61-MeV protons is incident on a target of Al. Those protons that collide with the target...

A: Energy balance,