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Write a balanced chemical equation based on the following description: liquid C₇H₈O is burned with oxygen gas to produce gaseous carbon dioxide and water vapor


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Step 1

Balanced reaction is a chemical reaction in which number of atoms for each element in the reaction and the total charge are same on both reactant side and the product side.

Step 2

The unbalanced reaction for burning of liquid C₇H₈O with oxygen gas to produce water vapor and carbon dioxide gas is represented as follows:

C,H,O(1)+0, (g)co,(g)+H,0(g)

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C,H,O(1)+0, (g)co,(g)+H,0(g)

Step 3

First number of carbon atoms are balanced then hydrogen atoms and at last oxygen...

(е) > тсо, (8) +Ан, 0(8)

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17 (е) > тсо, (8) +Ан, 0(8) С-Н.о()-о


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