Accounting Information Systems

11th Edition
Ulric J. Gelinas + 3 others
ISBN: 9781337552127



Accounting Information Systems

11th Edition
Ulric J. Gelinas + 3 others
ISBN: 9781337552127
Textbook Problem

Conduct research on the Web sites of either CIO Magazine or CFO Magazine (or another that your instructor suggests) for stories about ERP implementation successes and failures. Using specific examples, describe the reasons for the successes and failures. What conclusions can be reached?

Summary Introduction

To explain: The success or failure stories of ERP.


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system:

It is the combined management of different activities including the core business functions such as human resources, back room activities and other with the help of well-developed software and technology.


The success story of ERP:

Company CG is a respected company in the power sector. The company was making many acquisitions all over the world making it difficult to collaborate all the data in the organizations from different divisions such as supply chain, customer relationship management, and others.

The main problem was the inability of giving a complete overall picture of the performance of the firm to the directors. The global CIO Person RH integrated all the units to the Company SP ERP systems across different geographic. The presence of a single ERP system has benefited the organization saving a lot of money and it also made implementing policy changes easier...

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