10th Edition
ISBN: 9781305967359




10th Edition
ISBN: 9781305967359
Textbook Problem

Which latitude will have the most hours of daylight on the summer solstice?

a. 0 ° (the equator) c. 45 ° north
b. 30 ° north d. 60 ° north

Summary Introduction


The amount of solar energy reaching the earth varies by the situation of the region that is the latitude of the region. As the earth rotates around the sun in an elliptical path, with a slight tilt at a 23-degree angle, seasonal, daylight and temperature changes occur on different parts of the earth. In each hemisphere, the extent of seasonal daylight in an area increases with its latitude.


Reason for correct answer:

The duration of daylight in every season depends upon the latitude of the place and increases with the latitude.

Latitude is the distance of a place to the north or south from the equator and generally expressed in degrees (o). The equator is taken as 0o and poles as 90o.

So as the latitude from the equator increases, the length of the day (daylight) also increases.

Anchorage in Alaska, which is situated at around 61o to the north of equator, has the longest daylight hours (19 hours).

Therefore, option d. is correct.

Reasons for incorrect answer:

Option a. is given as, “0o (the equator)”

The equator being the 0o latitude, the extent of sunlight on the summer solstice is less, as the Northern Hemisphere is tipped towards the sun...

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