10th Edition
ISBN: 9781305967359




10th Edition
ISBN: 9781305967359
Textbook Problem

Where does transcription take place in a eukaryotic cell?

Summary Introduction

To determine:

The place where transcription occurs in a eukaryotic cell.


The cell is the basic “fundamental unit” of life. Every organism present in the environment is composed of cell. The organisms that contain a well-defined nucleus enclosed in a nuclear membrane are called a eukaryotic organism. However, the organisms that do not have a well-defined nucleus are termed as prokaryotic organisms.


The process of converting the DNA strand into RNA is termed as transcription. DNA is the main requirement of the transcription process. Both the prokaryotes and eukaryotes perform transcription to produce RNA molecules. However, the site of transcription is different in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes.

In eukaryotic organisms, transcription takes place in the nucleus

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