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  • Batman And Batman

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    Inspired, but Independent Both Batwoman and Batman are vigilantes in the fictional city of Gotham. The characters mostly exist in the comics to help each other. With Batwoman being initially created to set her partner's sexuality record straight, they take off to work together. Their existence in Gotham as Batman and Batwoman, albeit being illegal, is much need by the residents who suffer in the hands of the highly skilled criminals – such as the Joker – who have mastered their techniques. The police

  • Batman Films Vs. Batman

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    Batman is one of the most well-known superheroes in the world. Since his first appearance in Detective Comics #27 in 1939, he seems to have just gotten more famous even after over 75 years. However, the Batman that audiences see now is not the same Batman that first appeared in 1939. Batman had a solid moral compass and could very clearly see the line between right and wrong. In most of the early films and serials, he is cheesy to a point where it becomes hard to watch. Throughout the years, Batman

  • Characteristics Of Batman

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    Batman a true American hero There are numerous things that can construct an American hero in today’s society, maybe they are really strong, intelligent or they are just a tremendous role model plenty of people believe that heroes require superpowers in order to be a true superhero, but not necessarily heroes could occasionally just be an ordinary everyday person like a firefighter, policeman, EMT or someone like a veteran or maybe even for some people their hero just might be their mother, father

  • Is Batman A Hero

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    Batman was created by Bob Kane and is regarded as one of the best comic book characters. Over the years he has been known for taking on impossible odds for any human to face, often winning each time, but can he really beat anyone? As much as I love Batman comics, movies, and TV series, too many fans have this absurd notion that he can beat anyone if given prep time. Granted, Batman is one of those type of heroes who has the ability to outsmart a multitude of villains or other heroes using strategy

  • Batman As Superheros

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    were turning to for guidance. Batman was created for the kids who did not have it very easy. Batman saw both of his parents murdered and became a vigilante to fight off crime. Bruce Wayne changes into Batman for the better and portrays the better qualities of a hero as opposed to Dr. Jekyll in the book, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. Dr. Jekyll changes himself from a good man to an evil man. Much like many other superheroes, Batman is the alter-ego of Bruce Wayne

  • Batman As A Hero

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    is not as prominently demonstrated as in The Batman. Batman presents himself as a hero, while he is only an over imaginative vigilante. He is more a vigilante than a hero since he has the ability to stop crime, but doesn’t, he only does deeds for his own benefit, and he helps the law but isn’t part of it. These are only a few ways Batman is a vigilante instead of a hero. These are mainly based on the idea of him trying to right his own past. Batman is more of a vigilante than a hero considering

  • Batman As A Hero

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    overlooking the city that he has protect for the last few years. This man to all of those who live in Gotham is known as the Batman. He has kept the streets of Gotham safe from the evil that our fair city possesses. From the elite people of Gotham to those in the Narrows, we give thanks to our beloved caped crusader for all his work for Gotham. There are those who believe that Batman is a another vigilante wearing a mask. Even Commissioner James Gordon many years ago stated these words about the caped

  • The Batman And Nihilism

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    Department or (GCPD), and Batman succeed and prevail, not falling back on their morals which include Batman’s one rule, which he does not break, which is “(Batman) never kill(s).” Overall, three situations that show the Joker’s defeat are the ferryboat situation, Batman not killing the Joker, and Harvey Dent becoming Two-Face in which Harvey Dent “dies a hero, or lives long enough to see himself become the villain.” One of the Joker’s great scenes in which he tries to put Batman to the test is in the

  • PTSD In Batman

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    with Bruce Wayne, Batman, recalling his parent’s murder. We are introduced to an older dark Batman who brands and kills criminals. Throughout the film, we are reminded of the destruction that superman has caused in Metropolis when he indirectly destroyed the city. Lex Luthor takes advantage of the situation by manipulating Batman to hate Superman (Clark Kent), and capturing Superman's mother forcing the heroes to fight each other. Furthermore, the character Bruce Wayne, in Batman v Superman (BVS)

  • Batman Research Paper

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    Batman has been around for over 70 years. In this time he has been reimagined and rebooted countless times by many authors. These remediations have taken Batman through many personas, from a dark crusader to quirky detective. In 1939, Batman first appeared in Detective Comics issue 27. Introduced as a no-nonsense crime fighter, Batman quickly became a favorite of readers. Recently DC entertainment has launched a reboot of their comics. One of the most popular is Batman, who has been reimagined as