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  • The Beatles And The Music Of The Beatles

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    Many people did not believe in the beatles until they started making it bigger and bigger in the world“You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one.” ― John Lennon. The beatles were an uplifting a new sound in the 1960s with the members of paul,John,George,and Ringo They were a rock band that truly inspired people.Due to The Beatles outgoing attitude in the music business,They are really an inspiring band they were not like other

  • The Beatles 'Revolver': The Beatles

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    my favorite artists known as The Beatles. As you should know the 70's was the time that "hippies" became a huge trend along with people starting to use acid a lot more, and I believe that The Beatles really stood out since their album was gladly released on August 5th, 1966; that was with the help of all members from the band taking LSD. A member from the band took a crazy risk for one single song, acid took on a negative and positive toll for all four of The Beatles, this is also the moment that Paul

  • The Beatles : The Music Of The Beatles

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    The Beatles were one of the most popular and influential music groups of the 1960s. The Beatles have an estimated eight hundred million records sold worldwide and popular even to this day. How is it that The Beatles were able to craft and compose music that was applicable to everyone? Of course, every great musician has a producer who helps translate the musician’s ideas into feasible possibilities. Everyone knows of the Fab Four as Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr,

  • The Beatles : The Impact Of The Beatles

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    Four teenagers bumping into each other not knowing that they were each other's future. Once known as “Fab Four,” the Beatles would become the most world famous music artists ever. The prominent band, The Beatles, made an impact on society and other musicians through their world performances and meaningful songs. It was 1967 when the Beatles became huge. Everyone, mostly the elders, were confused on how a band can become so big in such little time (Aronowitz 1). The six band members, John

  • The Beatles

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    Mystery Tour film. While the Beatles seemed to be pretty close to perfection during most of their music making years together, at times things did not go so smoothly. Much of the chaos that ensued was due to the death of Beatles Manager Brian Epstein. Though the group decided to push forward with Paul’s idea of another film with an accompanying soundtrack, the result was possibly one of the worst Beatles films made. All of this came at one of the best times for the Beatles, their career was once again

  • Beatles : The Chinese Beatles

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    The Chinese Beatles Mayday, a Taiwanese band, included 5 men, and they set up at around 90s. Their band was named So Band, and change to Mayday in 1997. A-shin (lead vocalist), Monster (lead guitarist), Stone (Rhythm guitarist) and Massa (bass guitarist) known each other when they were in high school. They wanted to publish their own album, so they send their demo to all big record company. In 1997, Rock Records signed Mayday. In 1999, Guan You (drummer) joined with them and published their first

  • The Musical Influences On The Beatles : The Beatles

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    Cynthia Leon Music 12 Dr. Michael Zilber The Beatles The Beatles are an English rock band that became one of the most iconic bands in history. All four of the band members of the Beatles John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ring Starr were born in Liverpool in the early 1940’s. During this time England was in the midst of WWII and they were deemed as “war babies”. The shambles that England was left in cultivated skiffle from the U.S. which was a form of music that made it fairly easy

  • Transcendentalism Of The Beatles : The Ideas Of The Beatles

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    protest against the state of culture and society in the 1800’s. These Transcendentalist had new forms of principles that they followed (like like the ideas of nature, individualism, and self reliance) and they based their live off of these ideas. The Beatles had connected to these same ideas through their many songs and albums for over a decade. This band formed in the 1960’s in Liverpool England, they built their fame by starting out playing at clubs and bars around Liverpool. There were four people

  • Song Analysis Of The Beatles: The Beatles

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    The Beatles- The name needs no recognition and no appraisals. Their most commercially successful single was 'Hey Jude'. It has sold an estimated eight million copies worldwide and has topped the charts in 11 countries. However, not all know certain facts about the song such as this single was originally not created as a song but was just something Paul McCartney thought about on his journey to Westbridge to meet Julian, John Lennon's son to comfort him during the divorce of his parents. Julian,

  • The Beatles Downfall

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    The Beatles are one of the most recognizable names in the music industry. Anyone can easily recognize songs that have been performed by The Beatles. The band’s popularity hasn't always been by its side boosting them to the top. The Beatles lack of popularity is what caused Dick Rowe, Decca Record executive, to make one of the most regrettable decisions of his life. To really look at whether Rowe had made the wrong choice at the time based on what he knew, it is important to look at the time period