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  • The Birth of Biotechnology

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    The birthplace of Biotechnology is located in South San Francisco, CA, where Genentech was started in 1976. Biochemist Dr. Herbert Boyer and Robert A. Swanson were the founders of Genentech, and from 1995-2009 Arthur Levinson had become the CEO of Genentech; presently it is Ian T. Clark. Genentech is the leading biotechnology company that uses human genetic information to discover, develop, manufacture and commercialize medicines to treat people with serious life-threatening medical conditions (2014)

  • Essay On Biotechnology

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    Current advances in biotechnology through massively parallel sequencing, or Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), has allowed for the investigation and in-depth sequencing of the human genome particularly for the study of biological markers, translational research and genotyping. Upon discovery of cell-free DNA in maternal plasma, implementation of Non-invasive Prenatal Testing, or NIFTY/NIPT, has been actively performed throughout the globe to test for fetal chromosomal abnormalities, particularly Down’s

  • Advantages And Benefits Of Biotechnology

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    The term ‘biotechnology’ derives from three Greek words which are bios(life), technos(technology) and logos(thinking). According to United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, biotechnology means any technological applications that uses biological systems, living organism, or derivatives thereof, to make o modify products or processes for specific use. However, the American Chemical Society defines biotechnology as the application of biological organisms, systems, or processes by various industries

  • Pros And Cons Of Biotechnology

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    Martha Zenaidi Ms. Serwin English 103 16 August 2017 Ten Reasons Why Biotechnology Will Not Ensure Food Security, Protect the Environment and Reduce Poverty in the Developing World An article written by Miguel A. Altieri and Peter Rosset (1999) addresses certain potential issues and misconceptions about biotechnology. For instance, this article suggests that biotechnology will not ensure food security, protect the environment, and will not reduce poverty in the developing world. The article points

  • Pros And Uses Of Biotechnology

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    Biotechnology is defined as is the application of biological organisms, system or process to manufacturing and service industries. Biotechnology is the integrated to the use of biochemistry, microbiology, and engineering sciences in order to achieve technological application of the capabilities of micro-organisms cultured as the tissue cells. Biotechnology as the word suggests that it is combination of biology and technology. Biotechnology is the use of technology to use, modify or upgrade the part

  • Biotechnology Advantages And Disadvantages

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    1. What is Biotechnology? 1.1. A definition of Biotechnology The exploitation of microorganisms for industrial purposes or processes. (Sterrenberg, 2010) 1.2. Two advantages of Biotechnology with their advantages and disadvantages Examples: Antibiotics Vaccines Antibiotic destroy bacterial pathogens. Antibiotics have different chemical structures, therefore destroying pathogenic bacteria differently. There are two manners in which antibiotics can destroy pathogenic material: 1

  • Biotechnology Industry Analysis

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    Biotechnology industry Analysis BACKGROUND The health care industry Provides health products and service which involved the leading technology of life science. It is a fast-growing industry and will continue to grow in the future because of the increasing request to the advanced medical care. The Global Industry Analysis (GIA,2009) predicted that the prescription drug market is value around $897 billion in world economy in 2015, and Asia-Pacific region is expected to have highest growth in prescription

  • The Field Of Agricultural Biotechnology

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    Agricultural Biotechnology Due to the greater understanding of DNA, the field of Agricultural Biotechnology has developed rapidly over the last 30 years. Agricultural Biotechnology is a set of tools to modify products, improve plants and animals, and make microorganism for agricultural uses. It’s being used to produce products cheaper and easy to maintain. More and more farmers and producers used genetic engineered crops because of the price and resistances to insects and diseases. The main aim

  • Statement Of Purpose For Biotechnology

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    stresses caused by natural calamities. This urge drives me to study biotechnology in my undergraduate.

  • Biotechnology to Extend the Life of Humans

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    Biotechnology to extend age in humans Biotechnology is used everyday to change life, as we know it. In fact, people don’t realize that early humans used biotechnology 10,000 years ago. Early humans were producing beer, wine, bread, and yogurt by means of fermentation. Biotechnology is any technique that uses organisms or their products to make a new product, to improve the life of humans or to develop microorganisms for specific scientific uses (Paul Cooley, 2014). As early as 1500 BC humans were