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  • The Breakfast Club

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    Introduction Attention getting material Imagine yourself in close proximity with 4 strangers nothing like you. That’s what the characters’ in The Breakfast Club were faced with. Tie to audience For this specific setting a group of 5 eclectic students are forced into serving 9 hours of Saturday detention for whatever they had done wrong. In attendance is a “princess” (Claire Standish), an “athlete” (Andrew Clark), a “brain” (Brian Johnson), a “criminal” (John Bender) and a “basket case” (Allison

  • The Breakfast Club : Movie Analysis : The Breakfast Club

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    The Breakfast Club The Breakfast Club movie is about five high school students from Shemer High School with different backgrounds. It’s the story of “a brain (Brian), an athlete (Andrew), a basket case (Allison), a princess (Claire) and a criminal (Bender).” The purpose of the movie is to captive the feelings and perspectives on what other people have experienced and learned from each other. The analysis about The Breakfast Club is about the common insecurities and challenges of the teenager during

  • Analysis Of The Breakfast Club

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    Brian Johnson, or the “Brain,” in the movie The Breakfast Club, possess thought processes evident in Piaget’s Formal Operational Period stage in his theory of cognitive development. During Piaget’s Formal Operational Period, people begin to “apply their mental operations to abstract concepts in addition to concrete objects;” their thinking is hypothetical, systematic, reflective and logical (Weiten, 448). Brian asks himself existential questions like “Who do I think I am? Who are you? Who are you

  • The Breakfast Club Analysis

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    The Breakfast Club is considered a classic movie from the 1980’s. Throughout the movie different topics are presented such as stereotypes, education, family, status, cliques, and socialization. This film obtains major sociological value, and can be analyzed in many different ways. How the characters are portrayed at the beginning of the film, may switch at the end. This movie is a stretch of the basic high school detention, but can also be relatable. The film is about a group of students

  • The Breakfast Club Analysis

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    The movie The Breakfast Club exemplifies many aspects of society and societal norms. It also shows how if you put your differences aside and focus on what is on the inside, you can find a lot more in common with each other than you would think. In the movie The Breakfast Club, the group dynamic is portrayed because all the students at the Saturday detention are from different walks of life. Each student is from a different clique. This is very evident in the beginning of the movie when they

  • The Breakfast Club Essay

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    The Breakfast Club, released in 1985 by director John Hughes, is a film about five high school students, from different social groups, and their bond over shared worries and issues in Saturday morning detention. These students show the two main issues of high school students: peer pressure and family issues. The film examines the effects of these issues on student’s everyday life and view on the world. Some of these effects include bullying, contemplation of suicide, drugs, and depression. In each

  • The Breakfast Club Analysis

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    ideologies” and sides to himself when he smokes weed and connects to the troubles and philosophies of the rest of the Breakfast Club (Weiten, 457). Finally, at the end of the movie, Brian achieves the Identity Achievement status where he grows closer to a sense of identity and direction after “thinking through alternative possibilities,” or hanging out with the rest of the Breakfast Club (Weiten, 457). After being accepted by others, Brian builds his self-esteem and values his life despite his failures

  • Archetypes In The Breakfast Club

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    athlete, Claire is a princess, Allison a basket case, Brian the brain, and John Bender the criminal. But throughout the movie they learn more and more about each other and find that they all have a lot of common problems and beliefs. In his film The Breakfast Club, John Hughes uses the Star-crossed lovers and loyal companions archetypes to reveal how we as humans fail to recognize how trustful a person can be, because we let our differences control how we act and feel towards others and their beliefs.

  • The Breakfast Club Analysis

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    Don’t Skip Breakfast! The Breakfast Club is a timeless movie centered around the very relevant concept of discovering your identity and breaking away from stereotypes. It is about a group of 5 defiant high school students who are all forced to spend their Saturday in detention. The five main characters include Claire (Molly Ringwald) the princess, Brian (Anthony Michael Hall) the brain, Andrew (Emilio Estevez) the jock, Allison (Ally Sheedy) the weirdo, and John Bender (Judd Nelson) the criminal

  • The Breakfast Club Essay

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    The Breakfast Club (Intercommunications)      John Hughes’ 1985 film, The Breakfast Club, gives countless examples of the principles of interpersonal communication. Five high school students: Allison, a weirdo, Brian, a nerd, John, a criminal, Claire, a prom queen, and Andrew, a jock, are forced to spend the day in Saturday detention. By the end of the day, they find that they have more in common than they ever realized.      I will begin by selecting