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  • Be A Computer Forensics Investigator

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    So you want to be a Computer Forensics Investigator CI4310: Digital Forensics Principles and Practices Lluís Pérez Carretón K Number: K1329210 Computer forensics is acquiring great importance now a days due to the increasing value of information and the use given. This is why, when a crime is committed, most time information is stored in a digital format. Highlighting its scientific part, computer forensics bases its fundaments within physics, electrical and magnetic laws allowing

  • The Ethics Of Computer Forensics

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    approach to carry out their crimes with the use of computers. Since technology is more like a murder mystery than catching the bad guy in the act, a new discipline of forensics needed to be put into place. This is known as computer forensics. Forensic science is any science used for the purpose of law. In the case of computer forensics it is “the discipline that combines elements of law and computer science to collect and analyze data from computer systems, networks, wireless communications, and storage

  • Computer Forensics

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    using personal computers came out, many people laughed and wondered what anybody in their right mind would want with a computer. However, over the course of the past two decades computer technology has evolved so greatly that it is now rare not to find at least one computer in person's house. Even with some of today's fastest computers, humans are never satisfied, and everybody is looking for the "next big thing." Recently, as the sale of cell phones has been outdoing the sale of computers,(1) the question

  • The Crime Of Computer Forensics

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    Computer Forensics In a world where technology is increasingly becoming the way of life, it was only a matter of time before crime was no longer just in the streets but happening online as well. Criminals now get a new approach to carry out their crimes with the use of computers. Since technology is more like a murder mystery than catching the bad guy in the act, a new discipline of forensics needed to be put into place. This is known as computer forensics. Forensic science is any science used

  • Computer Forensic Essay

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    1: Investigation Web Sites Chapter 4 in the textbook contains links to several web sites which are important to understanding computer investigations. In this section, list the web sites discussed in the chapter and include their Internet links along with a brief description of what is contained at each of these sites. Expert Computer Forensic Analysis: Specialized techniques for data recovery, evidence authentication and analysis of electronic data far exceeding normal

  • Computer Forensics And The Internet

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    introduction to computer forensics In today 's world, people must keep up with technology in order to conduct their daily routines. Technological advances now allow people to remain in the comfort of their homes while they carry out everything from ordering groceries from the store or videoconferencing with someone around the world can be done electronically. Since its beginnings in the 1990s, people use the Internet in their everyday lives, they rely on it for a safe and accurate exchange of information

  • Computer Forensics Tools And Resources For Hjc Corporation

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    Computer Forensic Tools Michael J. Hudgins Strayer University Professor Jessica Chisholm SEC405 Computer Crime Investigation March 3, 2016 Computer Forensic Tools We are now in the process of purchasing computer forensics tools and resources for HJC Corporation. There are many programs, utilities, etc. available on the market that provide computer forensic data retrieval capabilities, however, we are only required to provide information on just two of these tools in our research. The purpose

  • Evaluation Of A Computer Forensics Lab

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    Professional Forensics Basics Darryl E. Gennie Dr. Bouaffo Kouame Augusta CIS 562 24 July 2016 Strayer University When building a computer forensics lab, especially when there is a budget to be adhered to, there are many aspects of design that must be considered. These include but are not limited to, hardware, software, number and type of machines, network type, physical security, network security (Denmark & Mount, 2010). Assessing what type of information processing will take

  • A Large Computer Forensics Laboratory

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    A Coordination Plan is critical to the success of a large computer forensics laboratory. It is necessary for not only members of the forensics team, but for synchronizing with organizational leads and legal entities. Most labs are operated under best practices and are structured within a hierarchy from the investigation assistant, the lab assistant, the lead investigator as well as the project lead. These positions can be changed based on the case and expertise required. Best practices state

  • Technology in Computer Forensics

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    be discussing the topic of computer forensics. Computer forensics involves carefully collecting and examining electronic evidence that not only evaluates the damage to a computer as a result of an electronic assault, but also to recuperate lost information from a system to prosecute a criminal in a court of law. Since security is such an important factor in technology, it is crucial for any type of computer professionals to understand the aspects of computer forensics. Seeing that technology is