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  • The Crisis Of Mattel

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    previous crisis of Mattel included that the products were tainted with lead paint and that some of the products had loose little magnets. Both of these faulted products could have caused harm to the children. This is why it was decided to recall all these products and take measures to prevent this from happening in the future. Various stakeholders were affected by this crisis, for example parents, children, manufacturers and investors. Which is why Mattel had to come with a strong crisis communication

  • The Imf And The Crisis

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    the Crisis in Greece The IMF is one of a number of international organizations whose work is aimed at preventing economic crisis and rebuilding economies. According to the Levin Institute, both the IMF and the World Bank were started after WW2 in response to concerns about the stability of economic markets around the world. While the World Bank now has a focus projects and sustainable development, the IMF is primarily focused on fiscal policy with lending practices that are focused on crisis management

  • Crisis management; BP

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    Introduction When an organization is in a crisis, it dominates the organization’s agenda and requires immediate action. The way the organization responds to a crisis can differ in many ways. In this essay I would like to discuss the crisis of the British concern British Petroleum (BP). At first I would like to provide more information about the crisis and its consequences, then I will identify the kind of crisis we have to deal with, I will discuss the several communication strategies BP have used

  • Abc Model of Crisis Intervention

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    ABC Model of Crisis Intervention ABC Model of Crisis Intervention Introduction Every person ultimately experiences crisis moments that may differ in content but tend have specific shared characteristics. Usually, crisis entails loss, threat, as well as the unexpected. There have been various theoretical techniques provided for assisting those functioning through crisis. Generally, the most effectual techniques tend to follow a short therapeutic model which stresses the episode isolated

  • -the Role of the Leader in Managing a Crisis

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    MASTER IN INTERNATIOANAL COMMUNICATION The role of the leader in managing a crisis: Case Study “The Truth is that no one factor makes a company admirable. But if you were forced to pick the one that makes the most difference, you’d pick leadership.” (Warren Bennis, 1998) Leadership is today`s most contreversial and commented topic. Do we really know what leadership is all about? Today leadership is becomming a more and more a demanding task. John Kotter (2001), a leadership expert

  • The Nullifying Crisis : The Causes Of The Nullification Crisis

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    The Nullification Crisis of 1832 is one of the crises that would eventually lead to the Civil War. Following the suffering of an economic downturn throughout the 1820s, the United States government passed several new tariffs. When the Tariff of 1828 was passed by the Congress of the United States on May 19, 1828, it sparked the debate over states’ rights and highlighted the growing sectional difference between the South and the North in America. That Tariff of 1828 raised taxes on imported manufactured

  • The Problem Of A Economic Crisis

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    and create a successful business. What is the meaning of crisis and economic recessions? Business Dictionary is defining crisis as “a situation in witch an economy experiences a sudden downtown brought on by a financial crisis” (, 2014). The major sign of an economic crisis is the falling of GDP, the drying up of liquidity and rising or falling of prices generated by inflation or deflation. One form of economic crisis is the recession. The National Bureau of Economic Research

  • Kindleberger's Crisis : Financial Crisis

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    Kindleberger’s Crisis Financial crises seem foreign to our thinking, something faraway, irrelevant in the context of modern society. But in truth, it is a very real phenomenon that had impeded the progress of nations and, many times, driven their victims toward bankruptcy and financial dependence. For this, its significance calls for analysis, as a means to understanding and, more powerfully, prevention and alleviation. Hence, the subject of this paper is to (1) describe a model, particularly, Minsky’s

  • The Financial Crisis Of The Fiscal Crisis

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    The 2007-2008 financial crisis is seen as one of the biggest failure of risk management. This is the reason why it has been described it as a credit tsunami. The aim here is to look at the state in which the financial market is at the moment after being hit by the 2007-2008 financial Crisis. The first part of this report introduces some key issues that have affected the confidence in the banking sector and its importance in the banking sector. The second part will provide explanations on how to

  • Risk And Crisis: Liverpool Football Club Crisis Communication Plan

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    Liverpool Football Club Crisis Communication Plan Jake Ravdin SCC-420: Risk and Crisis Communication Spring 2016 Table of Contents Introduction Crisis Team Media Response Procedures Preparation Spokesperson Strategies Post Evaluation Questions Introduction In the event in which a crisis may take place within this or effecting this organization, it is crucial in remaining steadfast to the ideals and ethics of Liverpool Football Club and its subsidiary owner The Fenway Sports Group.This