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  • A Study On Easter Island

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    Easter Island has long been a puzzling intrigue in the minds of historians, scholars, and the common folk alike. What happened to the once tropical lush forests? How did a civilization erect such impressive statues and why were they erected? And where are the people who erected these statues now? Many of these questions have been explained over the years with circumstantial evidence and preposterous assumptions. However, through careful analysis and meticulous evidence gathering, lead scholars like

  • Easter Island Effect

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    Easter Island What happened to Easter Island? Oliver Kirby - 14 November 2017 Easter Island My name is Oliver Kirby and I am a historian. For many years now I have been deeply invested in the study of South American and Polynesian history. The magazine ‘The Good Weekend’ approached me with an opportunity to write an article discussing the rise and expansion of Easter Island and then its decline. I will also be discussing if what happened to Easter Island is a microcosm of what might happen to

  • Vacation On Easter Island

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    Conducting my research supporting a vacation on Easter Island, an atypical destination filled with mystery and intrigue, I realized this destination is a must, not only for the adventure, but also for the opportunity to experience a place not everyone is willing to expend the time and expense involved in visiting, a vacation is ultimately a chance to escape the everyday drudgery and routine, all these reasons make Easter Island the perfect, eclectic, vacation spot to enjoy a once in a lifetime

  • The Mystery Of Easter Island

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    “In Easter Island...the shadows of the departed builders still possess the land...the whole air vibrates with a vast purpose and energy which has been and is no more. What was it? Why was it?" said Katherine Routledge, an explorer and archaeologist. People across the globe have marveled at the wonders of Easter Island for centuries. The remains of the island are huge statues called moai, which seemed to be an impossible feat for people of the time. Archaeologists everywhere are gathering together

  • Essay On Easter Island

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    Polynesian Expansion Easter Island, previously named Rapa Nui, is mostly famous for its 10 metre tall Moai statues dotting the Island. Easter Island is located on the eastern point of the Polynesian Triangle. Easter Island has four extinct volcanoes, but its largest is Rano Kau, located on the southwestern headland. Rapa Nui was first settled by Hotu Matu’a in 400 CE. He came from the Marquesas in two large canoes with his wife and extended family. The Polynesians navigated Rapa Nui, using only

  • Stonehenge Vs. Easter Island

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    Stonehenge vs. Easter Island Stonehenge and Easter Island are two very old and interesting mysteries and monuments of the world. Stonehenge is outside of Salisbury, England and is consists of lots of grass and giant, grey stones. This site was made between the times of 1520 B.C.E- 3000 B.C.E. There are many reasons why people think Stonehenge was built. Stonehenge was built it using precise stages of construction. Archaeologists said it could have been used for rituals, traditions or even used as

  • Literature Review On Easter Island

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    Easter Island has a unique history that outlines key theories of how man can have detrimental effects on nature. With our beliefs, customs and general life needs, societies become dependent on our environment and resources. This can result in an irreversible destruction of an environment and Easter Island has proven this to be posable. With a society becoming hugely dependant on the limited resources available and failure to understand the need to preserve these resources for future generations caused

  • Easter Island : Historical Analysis

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    Easter Island, a mysterious and intriguing land lies on Chilean territory in the South Pacific ocean. The Polynesian people discovered an island that can allow researchers and linguistics to dive in and dig up remains and stories of the past. Easter Island is an isolated historical place that boomed in population and thrived in culture. The name Easter Island was born from the first European, Jacob Roggeveen, to arrive on Easter Sunday in the year 1722. The islander’s culture left a legacy that was

  • Easter Island : A Case Study

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    Name of Case Study: “Easter Island: A Case Study in Non-sustainability” (Foot p.11) Key environmental points: Easter Island is a remotely located island in the South Pacific. The island was first populated in circa A. D. 400 by a group of travelers from Polynesia. The island, shaped like a triangle, was positioned 2,000 km from the nearest inhabited land, and 3,200 km from the closest continental land mass (Foot p. 11). According to David Foot “the island originally supported a great palm forest”

  • The Environmental Change and the Collapse of Easter Island

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    The environmental change and the collapse of Easter Island Ruud Coumans In this paper, we will search for an explanation of the mystical collapse of society on Easter Island, during the 18th century. We’ll use the second chapter for the book “Collapse. How Society Choose to Fail or Succeed” by Jared Diamond. First we will summarize some of the evidence supporting the explanatory framework of the author to give an outline of the situation. Then we will state the research question. After that we