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  • Erin Brockovich

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    “Erin Brockovich” – Movie Overview By Eryn Pilla, Hamilton Onyeukwu & Jennifer Poff The movie “Erin Brockovich” starring Julia Roberts is loosely based on a true story. In the movie, Roberts plays a sassy single mom who is down on her luck and struggling to provide for her three children. She was involved in a car accident and sued the driver of the other car- a wealthy doctor who she felt deserved the blame for the accident. The lawsuit was spearheaded by her lawyer, Ed Masry who eventually

  • Leadership - Erin Brockovich

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    Erin Brockovich Leadership Review MSA 601 Organizational Dynamics and Human Behavior Submitted by: Tabitha McDaniel Project Instructor: Kenneth Lynch November 11, 2014 Erin Brockovich “Leadership always comes down to a question of character.” - Management expert Warren Bennis (Judge,1999) Being a good leader is done by making the correct choices and inspiring people to complete their tasks and work together as a

  • Erin Brockovich Mental Illness

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    Erin Brockovich, a biographical film directed by Steven Soderbergh and Susannah Graham, tells the story of a twice-divorced unemployed mother of three who fought to win a lawsuit against a giant utility corporation. Erin Brockovich, played by Julia Roberts, consults lawyer Ed Masry after suffering injuries from an automobile accident through no fault of her own. She is ensured to walk away from her case with a large settlement, yet Mr. Masry lets her down drastically when he ends up losing the

  • Ethical Issues In Erin Brockovich

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    Erin Brockovich was a poor, jobless, single mother with three children. In the beginning of the movie, her car was hit by a surgeon. When she goes to court, the surgeon’s lawyer accuses her lying and trying to steal money from the wealthy doctor. The lawyer uses Erin’s status as a poor, single, twice-divorced mother in order to make the jury believe that she is lying. Furthermore, the surgeon’s lawyer talks down to her because she is a woman and dresses in tight, skimpy clothing. The overarching

  • Erin Brockovich Movie Essay

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    The movie I chose to watch is Erin Brockovich. It stars Julia Roberts and she is a struggling single mother just trying to make ends meet. The 2000 drama, directed by Steven Soderbergh and written by Susannah Grant, got a rating of 7.3 on In the beginning of the film, Erin is in a car accident with a doctor and needs an attorney. Her attorney’s name is Ed Masry. He is an old man who did not properly prepare Erin for court the way he should have. He told Erin that they would win the case

  • Movie Review-Erin Brockovich Essay

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    Erin Brockovich, a 2000 Jersy Film Production, staring Julia Roberts is based on a true story that involved Pacific Gas and Electric Company using hexavalent chromium or chromium six as a rust inhibitor to prevent corrosion of pistons used in engines. According to the movie, for fourteen years, the Pacific Gas and Electric Company had been dumping water containing chromium six into ponds and covering them over. The ponds were not lined and the chromium based water leaked into the local water supply

  • Ethical Issues in the Film Erin Brockovich

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    The movie Erin Brockovich is based on actual events involving a corporate business called Pacific Gas & Electric who knowingly endangering the health of residents and the water supply in the town of Hinkley. Erin is the mother of three children who is out of work. In the midst of her job search she got into an auto accident and was injured. Erin has an ethical and moral responsibility to feed her children so she forces her lawyer Ed Masry to give her a secretarial job after he failed to get her

  • Theme Of Ethical Issues In Erin Brockovich

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    Issues Raised In The Film Throughout the film, Erin Brockovich, there had been numerous matters and business practises raised in the film regarding the work of PG&E and Erin’s behaviour, etc. Most of these are seen through the perspective of Erin herself. • Ethical Issues • Professionalism • Teamwork and Conflict • Lack of Proper Management  General Management  Public Relations Management  Financial Management  Crisis Management Ethical Issues There are three main examples of PG&E’s unethical

  • Theme Of Ethics In Erin Brockovich

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    The movie, Erin Brockovich, is based on a true story revolves around a file clerk named, Erin Brockovich, who represented the community of Hinkley against the electric corporation Pacific Gas and Electric Company, PG&E. PG&E faced disputes of ethical dilemmas and groundwater contamination lawsuits after Erin uncovered and exposed its unethical business practices. PG&E operated a compressor plant in Hinkley and hexavalent chromium, which could cause severe medical issues, was used to cool down the

  • Ethical Issues in Erin Brockovich Essay

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    Ethical Issues in Erin Brockovich Erin Brockovich is in a car accident that is not her fault and hires attorney Ed Masry to defend her. He gave her the impression that she would be getting a good settlement, but she lost the case. She is a single mom of three, has no money and is unable to find a job. She blames him for losing the case (due to lack of preparation) and forces her way in to a job at his law firm. Because of the way she dresses and acts, nobody takes her seriously and treats her