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  • ESL Students and Teachers

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    failing them by forcing them to take a test that doesn’t cover everything that they have learned in class or is in a language that they understand. Graduating high school or moving on to the next grade depends on the ability to pass one test. If the ESL student is not able to perform correctly or if they are able to demonstrate their understanding on subject like English or math it can affect them profoundly. The test is not an accurate reflection of the knowledge of the student. Teachers can serve

  • Literacy Narrative In ESL

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    Literacy Narrative When I first took a look at my first assignment for English Composition I – Write a Literacy Narrative. The first thought it came to mind was “ESL” (English as of Second Language). I started to reminisce about my first year as a freshman in High School. It was the fall of 1985; I just had arrived from Colombia as an exchange student. On the first day of School, I reported to the front office, still not knowing what to say or what to do. I was completely lost and scared; the nice

  • Esl and Internet Review

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    Based on my research proposal topic which is on the influence of internet to students’ ESL learning, I have picked three journal articles that are related to my topic and make a critical review of the articles. The review is aimed to critically evaluate and comment on the three articles to help me in pursuing to finishing my research proposal. The first journal article entitled Does Home Internet Use Influence the Academic Performance of Low Income Children? by Linda A. Jackson, Alexander von

  • The Importance Of An ESL Teacher

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    education teacher, this is most likely very easy to do. For an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher, this can be increasingly difficult due to language barriers and cultural differences. How then, would an ESL teacher achieve a strong relationship built upon the principle of trust and effective communication? First, and foremost, an ESL teacher must have a positive attitude when they are working with their students and their families. ESL teachers need to always look at the bright-side of every

  • My Perception Of Esl Students And The Esl Class

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    Over the summer, completing all the modules, my perception of the ESL students and the ESL class itself would be a small class of around eighteen to twenty students all of which were freshmen. In our training we always had to keep in mind of the worst case scenarios when we are assigned class of students who may be the students who don’t come to class on time and get their work done and how we would have to decide what to do to help the students get back on track in case it actually happens. The

  • Essay on ESL teaching

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    Assignment : Teaching Grammar to ESL Students 1. I used to drink a bottle of vodka a day. (a recovering alcoholic at an AA meeting) STRUCTURE: ‘used’ structure FORM: subject + used to + infinitive B. FUNCTION AND MEANING It talks about an action that happened regularly in the past but no longer happens in the present. . C. PROBLEMS WITH… Meaning: Students may think that he is talking about the present, rather than the past. Some learners may use ‘used to’ in place of the

  • Esl Case Study

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    Case study I propose to you a case study on a pre-kindergarten English language learning student through qualitative research. My goal was to find out if he faces any problems with regards to his behavior, academic progress and attitudes towards his teachers, classmates and parents. His name is David and just recently came to the United States from Russia about two years ago. He has a complicated time understanding what goes on in his environment because of the language barrier. The one positive

  • Literature in the ESL Curriculum

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    The place of literature in education Why read literature? To many of us, such a question seems as strange as asking “why breathe?” as literature has been part of our life, family, school, and community for as long as we can remember. Of course, there are those who argue that what today’s students need is preparation for the “real world,” but in the push for practical preparedness we sometimes overlook the importance of educating students’ imaginations. Literature offers windows to worlds outside

  • ESL Program Application Essay

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    I am writing to apply for the position of ESL Program Director in the ESL Program at Marietta College. I hold a doctoral of philosophy in Foreign, Second, and Multilingual Language Education (within the TESOL program) with an interdisciplinary specialization in Educational Technology from the Ohio State University (OSU). Moreover, I have experience in teaching EFL and ESL learners English and in administration. I am confident that my academic and experiential exposure will enable me to contribute

  • Action Research for Esl Students

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    courses that prepare the students for working with ESL/ELL students. Of the total population of teachers on campus, less than 26% of the teachers have received professional development related to instructional practices for these students. Furthermore, out of the 50 states in the United States only 20 of these states require that teacher have training with working with ESL and ELL students as a requirement of for employment. Moreover, these ESL/ELL students had higher dropout rates as among other