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  • The History of Firefighting

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    ability to save someone’s life. Even though firefighters do save peoples lives’ daily that is not the only thing they do day in and day out. Firefighting is physically demanding job. However; to get where the fire company is today has taken a lot. Being able to trace firefighting back to the Roman days, all the way to understanding the beginning of colonial firefighting, and how African American males were able to join the department.Along with the struggles of the men in the field then woman faced trying

  • Pros And Cons Of Firefighting

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    Dalton G. Smith K. Gorritz English 4 P4 5 Oct 2017 Firefighting, 2 Con’s, 1 Pro Firefighting is a profession that can weigh heavily on a person 's emotional and mental well being, as well as their physical health, yet be rewarding at the same time. The first ever city fire department in the world was started in Edinburgh, Scotland,in 1824. It was called the Edinburgh Fire Engine Company and led by James Braidwood. The London Fire Engine Company was the next one established in London, England in

  • Senior Project: Firefighting

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    Overview of Firefighting Brandon Rodgers Centennial High School Abstract This paper explores the different aspects in living a firefighter’s life. The topics that will be covered are the various types of technology when being a fireman, the different tactics you see on a day to day basis, the physical abilities one must be capable of, and the types of equipment used. The technology used today to help fight fires is extremely progressed and different than it was even just ten years ago

  • Essay Overview of Firefighting as a Career

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    My chosen career field is in public service. Precisely a career in firefighting. I believe firefighting is a great career choice as I enjoy the work that it involves, and there is a demand that will never stop for firefighters, as fire will always be around forever. The fire department offers a large variety of services to the public. Some of the major tasks that are performed in the fire service range from providing medical care as an Emergency Medical Technician, Entering a burning structure to

  • Firefighting Stereotypes Of The Media Essay

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    Firefighting Stereotypes in the Media – An Analysis In 2014, a firefighting equipment manufacturer, released an advertisement utilizing ethos and pathos appeals which reinforce and dispel a variety of firefighting stereotypes namely, strong bonds to fellow firemen, inherent trustworthiness and credible status, and assertive, inexpressive demeanors. Moreover, in a Cincinnati Post cartoon illustrated by Jeff Stahler following the wake of 9-11, many similar stereotypes are affirmed and contested through

  • Physics of Wildland Firefighting Essay examples

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    605). Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it only changes form. There are several sources of heat. These sources are chemical, mechanical, electrical, and nuclear. Chemical The most common source of heat for the purpose of firefighting comes from chemical reactions. When something burns, it is the result of a chemical reaction where heat is being released. Pyrolysis is the "decomposition or transformation of a compound caused by heat."(Coleman, et al. 81) Mechanical The

  • Firefighting Research Paper

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    attacks, dismemberment and death.” (citation from Their courage, resiliency, and strength led me to choose to research the world of firefighting for this assignment. For my paper, I decided to interview my uncle, Brendan Stoner, who was a forest firefighter during the summers of the 1990’s in Utah County. I decided to research firefighting to get another perspective

  • The Evolution Of Aerial Firefighting

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    fire a fire, what could cause a fire, what hinders and aids a fire’s growth, what different types of fire there are, and the characteristics of said types. Without the basic understanding of these things, it would have made the evolution of aerial firefighting next to impossible. Fire is explained in a tetrahedron of necessary requirements a fire needs before it is able to spring to life. First, is sufficient fuel. Different types of fuel coincide with different types of terrain. In dry, sparse areas

  • Evolution Of Fire Fighting : Firefighting Is A Dangerous Job

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    Alexis Cordova Mrs.Wallace English 12-3a Evolution of Fire Fighting Firefighting is a dangerous job. It takes lots of courage to have to endure the harsh conditions of a structural or rural fire, all while trying to save someone 's life. Fire fighters put their life on the line to save the environment, people, and animals. With all of the harsh conditions involving putting out a fire, there is lots of equipment that a firefighter must use to protect themselves such as strategies that are used

  • Firefighting Essay

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    about modernizing firefighting it reflects that “Water was usually pumped out of rivers, canals or wells and transferred by bucket brigade to the fire” (Stein 2). We have come from passing water around in buckets to driving trucks full of water around, and using cans of compressed foam. We are still improving upon our technology and creating more efficient and safe methods for firefighting. Scientist have and our continuing to work on chemical products that help speed up firefighting. One article about