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  • Immigrant Immigrants

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    Should Immigrants Assimilate or Not? We all come from different places and ethnicities, and because of having a dream, people fled away from their home to seek for something to make their life better. Going to a country like United States, is not only a dream but also, an opportunity because many people think that America is the best place to settle in, where work, and education are an easy access. Though this statement is partly true, it is not that easy. Everyone envied because America is a great

  • Immigrants And Immigrants

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    There are more immigrants incarcerated than natural born citizens. Research There are approximately 43 million immigrants in the United States and about 11 million are illegal. Compared to the total American population, only seven percent of the nation’s population are non-citizens. Approximately 22 percent of inmates in federal prison are non-citizens. (Perez) Analysis There are 43 million immigrants in the United states but the immigrant population can only compare at seven percent to the total

  • How Immigrants Are Immigrants

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    Are Immigrants Welcomed? Joyce Boahen Professor Smith US HISTORY 102 17th October 2017 America’s a nation of immigrants, a land of opportunity and refuge for the world’s poor. Immigrants and their descendants make up the majority of

  • Immigrants And The Reality Of An Immigrant

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    of an immigrant. As a daughter of parents who migrated to the Unites States from El Salvador, I personally believe that immigrants are the correct side from what the Americans see or believe; however, just like anything else there will be two different sides; the good immigrants and the bad immigrants. For example, first, the US has immigrants with different types of crimes committed. Then, we have the issue of jobs with immigrants. Third, an additional issue is the cost of having immigrants that

  • Education For Immigrants And Immigrants

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    Education for immigrants. People read the newspaper and articles when they see a topic that is related to their life and I think the immigrant’s families will also read the newspaper when they see a topic about immigration. For example, my family are immigrants too and we tend to read the article when the headline has something to do with immigrants which convinces me that the main audience of my article would be immigrants and their families. We tend to read articles and try to find out if we are

  • Illegal Immigrants : An Illegal Immigrant

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    The following immigrants do get in the U.S. from Mexico, or anywhere in Central America do carrying viruses and, or diseases, so the immigrants can easy contact to other citizens in the United States and pass the virus around to other people with minimum effects. The almost immigrants is not so health, clean and don’t take care of themselves, because of, immigrants’ pervious living condition. Like for an example, couple years ago in the West

  • Immigrant Immigrants Research Paper

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    child of immigrant parents who move to American can be hard. There is a lingering feeling of not feeling like a child belongs. They are stuck in the invisible world between where their parents came from, in this specific case, Asia and where the child lives now. It can be difficult to be raised as an Asian American and learning both culture and traditions. Many Asian American kids end up deviating from the Asian culture and embracing the American culture. However, children of immigrants should embrace

  • Native Immigrants And Asian Immigrants

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    The opportunities of racial minorities such as the Chinese or African Americans different from those of European immigrants because diversity played a big role in the quality of urban setting. When the industrial revolution happen a lot of immigrant were in search for better economic opportunity, so as Chinese left their home countries due to poverty and famine, cities were the first place they settle down in, making their way to the US they had great opportunity, from owning their own business,

  • An Illegal Mexican Immigrant Immigrants

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    preferably beneath the protective cover of darkness, jumping fences, eluding guards and dodging two hundred -ton locomotives in a perilous dash for the most elusive of prizes, a free ride to the north. According to Jose Flores, an illegal Mexican immigrant seeking work in the United States says, “To be truthful, I have no idea of precisely where this train goes, other than it takes us to el norte” (Griffin 363+). The fact that each night literally hundreds of men and women clamber over the barricade

  • Illegal Immigrants : An Illegal Immigrant

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    illegal immigrant defined, by law is a person of a foreign nationality immigrating to the US without the permission of the government. Many people view people who do come to the US without that permission as an “Illegal Immigrant”. And many of those people are viewed by other as criminals, but what makes them criminals. But what if someone was forced to come to the US when they are kid does that still make them an Illegal Immigrant. Should those kids still be labeled as an illegal immigrant, even though