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    Les Misérables Published 1862 I | | INTRODUCTION | When Victor Hugo's novel Les Misérables first came out in 1862, people in Paris and elsewhere lined up to buy it. Although critics were less receptive, the novel was an instant popular success. The French word “misérables” means both poor wretches and scoundrels or villains. The novel offers a huge cast that includes both kinds of “misérables.” A product of France's most prominent Romantic writer, Les Misérables ranges far and wide. It paints

  • Sacrifice in Les Miserables

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    India Lewis Greenwell AP English 30 October 2013 Les Miserables: The Significance of Sacrifice Sacrifice is a prominent part of human living. In order to get what is needed or wanted, sacrifice is necessary, whether it is small or great. In the novel, Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, he shows that in society, those with less must often sacrifice more. Hugo conveys sacrifice through the characters Fantine and Jean Valjean, by showing how they sacrifice in order to gain and also how their poverty

  • Redemption In Les Miserables

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    someone can't be redeemed, but begin to realize that people can change. By looking at the Bishop, Javert, and Jean Valjean and their actions it becomes clear that Les Miserables is a book about redemption coming to those who did wrongs in their past and the behaviors of those who believe and don't believe. The Bishop was only in Les Miserables for a short time but the effect he had on Jean Valjean carried throughout the entire book. The Bishop believes that people can make lousy decisions but still

  • Reflection Of Les Miserables

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    The world renown classic novel, Les Miserables, written by Victor Hugo was adapted into a brilliant and masterful film through Columbia Pictures. The film was directed by Billie August, and sincerely brought to life through the actors, Liam Neeson who plays Jean Valjean and Geoffrey Rush who plays Javert. This film challenges you to look deeper than the surface, to see how things differentiate from the beginning of the movie towards the end. The characters change due to instances that have strongly

  • Les Miserables Sacrifice

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    In the book, Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo, Cosette is a girl who relies on Jean Valjean for everything. She is very dependent and would not know how to survive without him. On the other hand, Eponine is very independent. She is high spirited which has allowed her to escape the wrath of her parents. Eponine is a better companion for Marius than Cosette because of her resilient nature and sacrificial tendencies. Even though Eponine has had a rough childhood and is living in poverty, she has

  • Les Miserables Tone

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    Everyone has struggles in life, some might even say that life is “wretched”. In the book Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, published in 1961, numerous peoples’ struggles are highlighted and followed. Jean Valjean, our main character connects a group of people's’ hardships living in 19th century France. The theme of Les Miserables is that throughout the toil of life you’ll still have love. People will push themselves through endless torment for those that they love. The tone of the story contributes

  • Analysis Of Les Miserables

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    Les Miserables is by far one of my favorite stories/ movies. There are so many underlying views though out. The original author of Les Miserables was Victor Hugo. Victor Hugo himself is a very interesting gentleman that lived in a very complicated time period with lots of political issues, which I believe come out in this movie. Jean Valjean, is who Hugo chose as the hero of Les Miserables ultimately. However, in the beginning it starts out by portraying him as a bad guy and someone who focuses on

  • Wretchedness In Les Miserables

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    Victor Hugo's Les Miserables is written as a novelistic insight on tragedy and wretchedness, but throughout there is maintained an underlining resonate theme. The changing power of actions to others remains a center-point tieing all these many stories and lives together. Compassion changed Jean Valjean, the mention of her daughter momentarily saved Fantine, and the noble actions of Valjean changed Javert's perspective. The power of our actions, but specifically the consequences of unnecessary kindness

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    The Love Triangle of the French Revolution In the book and movie adaptation of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables, a struggle for love exists between three characters. Eponine and Cosette pursue Marius Pontmercy throughout the story. Whereas Eponine and Marius seem to know each other well in the movie, Cosette and Marius believe they are in love after simply looking at one another. Marius is presented with a choice, and he picks Cosette. However, Marius should have decided to pursue a relationship with

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    Throughout the book Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, Eponine’s love for Marius is very evident. Marius is oblivious to this, and only recognizes it once Eponine confesses her love for him. Marius is blind to the fact, and overlooks Eponine. Eponine falls blindly in love with Marius, knowing that he will never love her. The first time she meets him, was at his apartment to give him a begging letter from her father. Trying to impress him, she shows her ability to read and write by reading aloud a passage