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  • Louis XIV Essay

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    Louis XIV (1638-1715) Although Louis XIV, also known as Louis the Great, brought death and destruction through his wars, there are many positive aspects of his reign, such as the creation of Versailles and the building of France’s national army. He did what had never been done before. He changed the lifestyle and the attitude of France by creating one of the most powerful monarchies ever to be built and at the same time, reassured all the nobility and other wealthy groups of their political and

  • Characteristics Of Louis Xiv

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    During his 72 year reign, Louis XIV said, “L'etat c'est moi,” (Packet 246) which translates to, “The state is me.” Louis XIV believed himself to be a Divine Right Monarch, who had his authority given to him by the grace of God. Because he thought this way, he believed that he held all of the power in the state and no one else could refute this position, as to do so would be to go against God. As his power often went unchallenged, taxation became selective for the people of the upper classes, who

  • Louis The Xiv Of France

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    who exemplifies what it means to be absolute monarch, the name that comes to many is Louis the XIV of France. A brilliant tactician, diplomat, and manipulator, he utilized the resources that were at his disposal in order to create the seat of his power that allowed him to gain control over the nobility of France and maintain his title of Sun King, the palace of Versailles. However, In order to properly explain Louis’ need to build the Palace of Versailles, we must first explore the origins of his ideals

  • The Impact Of Louis XIV On France

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    King Louis XIV and Jean-Baptiste Colbert had an important historical impact on France’s economy. Colbert become Finance Minister to Louis XIV in 1665. In the years before Colbert, the previous minister of finance Mazarin had France in a turmoil of financial neglect and corruption. Over his lifetime as finance minister, Colbert brought in new measures with Louis XIV to re-establish France as a place of expanding industry and prosperity. Louis XIV was an absolute monarch. After the death of Mazarin

  • Essay On King Louis Xiv

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    In the time before King Louis XIV’s reign, 17th century France was involved in several civil wars, there were no secure borders and the aristocracy acted as local rulers. In 1643 when Louis XIV came to power, he thought that he needed to secure both France and his own rule. He decided to build a new palace complex 12 miles outside Paris. To him, isolation meant security, he would be away from the plotters and schemers in Paris. He also believed that having all government departments and ministries

  • The Power Of King Louis XIV

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    history the concept of ruling with absolute power be found in various empires. In France, King Louis XIV was able to use his power to enforce his own opinions of protestants onto France. And in Russia, Peter the Great used his army to get revenge against Sweden after losing to them in a war. Both rulers used their high levels of authority to achieve their own goals. In France and Russia rulers such as King Louis XIV and Czar, Peter the Great ruled with absolute power, and used this power to achieve their

  • King Louis XIV, The King Of France

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    King Louis XIV was the king of France from 1638 to 1715, he reigned longer than any other European monarch. King Louis XIV was one of the most powerful absolute monarchs in the history of Europe. He was thought of as the quintessence of what an absolute monarch should be. Throughout this paper, I will discuss the many important aspects of King Louis’s reign and some of the influential things he did and their effects on society at the time. One way he achieved his absolute power was through the divine

  • Essay about Absolutism and Louis Xiv

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    famous absolute monarch, Louis XIV, had the longest reign of any of the French kings. Louis achieved this as a result of his reformed laws, foreign policy, a smart economic advisor, and his decision to deny power to the nobility. Although some of these ideas could be viewed as having a negative impacting on France, overall Louis XIV's absolute government was beneficial to the development of his country. By restructuring France's laws into one standard legal code Louis gained public support, by

  • Louis Xiv : The French Head Of State

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    Maybe one of the most famous of European monarchs, King Louis XIV ruled France for about 72 years, was the French head of state. King Louis XIV reign was believed to be reputably famous as one of Absolute government, mainly because the king had his own dominating and particular way of governing the nation. At a young age of only 5 years old he attained the powers of a a king, Louis XIV ruled with the help of his mother and Cardinal Mazarin acting as head of the state deciding most of the civilian

  • King Louis Xiv : An Absolute Ruler

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    King Louis XIV was born on September 5, 1638 in a place called Saint-Germaine-en-Laye, France (Louis XIV Biography). Louis XIV became King of France in 1643 and he began to reform France and make changes to France. Louis XIV ideology was the ideology of an absolute monarch. Louis XIV believed that all kings ruled by divine right. He believed that God gave him the authority to rule France. He believed he was the French state and that he should be in complete control. Cardinal Richelieu was a man who