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  • Optimism

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    ------------------------------------------------- Optimism Optimism is a mental attitude or world view that interprets situations and events as being best (optimized), meaning that in some way for factors that may not be fully comprehended, the present moment is in an optimum state. The concept is typically extended to include the attitude of hope for future conditions unfolding as optimal as well. The more broad concept of optimism is the understanding that all of nature, past, present and future

  • Optimism : Optimism Over Pessimism

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    Optimism can be defined as “Hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of something” (en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition, n.d.) or more specifically as “extent to which people hold generalized favorable expectancies for their future” (Birkeland, Blix, & Heir, 2007). It’s a characteristic trait which is unique and observed in certain individuals. It’s a form of mental state in which, one believes that the outcome of some specific task or result, will be positive or good. A widely

  • The Roots Of Optimism

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    Maybe from your mom, or your dad. Your first smile or clap, optimism comes from that. You learn that smiling makes everyone else smile, so you do it. You learn that your parents want you to to clap, so they will laugh. They taught you at a young age to do positive things. You grow up and take those things with you wherever you go. You see, your root of optimism comes from the simplest things you don't even realize. My root of optimism comes from many things. One of which, is all of the things around

  • Optimism And Relationships

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    psychology. Optimism is positively correlated with life satisfaction (Szczesniak & Soares, 2011). A students degree of optimism is a predictor of satisfaction with life and distress in college (Brissette, Scheier, & Carver, 2002; Yalcin, 2011). Newlyweds who were higher in optimism solved problems more constructively, had lower decline in marital well-being in the first year of marriage, and were better able to handle relationship trouble (Andersson, 2012a; Neff & Geers, 2013). A husbands optimism is associated

  • Speech On Optimism

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    life a meaning. Optimism makes us have dreams. Those dreams eventually turn into goals and to accomplish those goals we get perseverant, we care about the people around us and we try to live a healthy live. Optimism leads to perseverance. If we really believe that what we think is right, optimism us protect it with all we have because we are what we

  • Optimism Critical Thinking

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    What the world gains from optimism. Hellen Keller wrote in her essay titled “Optimism, Part 3: The Practice of Optimism”, “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” Positive thinking is the true meaning of hope in the world that can lead to many great successes and can bring confidence. For example, as my softball season started up last year I knew I was going to struggle especially knowing my team would be getting a new coach. The year started

  • What Is Optimism Essay

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    As a human being living in this ruthless world, the perspective of how we see life plays great role in the success and happiness of a person. Optimism is seeing positive aspects of life. I as an immigrant I have had experienced the ups and downs of life to an extent where all I have to hold unto was hope and faith. My motto in life is seeing the light in all the darkness that was surrounding me. That is how I lived and will live. Being an optimist person has helped me to be more peaceful to myself

  • Optimism In Dark Inside

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    The Importance of Optimism as a Character Trait What is a character trait that everyone needs in order to overcome obstacles? In the novel Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts, five characters named Mason, Aries, Chickadee, Evans, and Michael try to survive in an apocalyptic world with optimism. An earthquake strikes each character’s neighbourhood and many citizens die as a result. Although these five characters do not know each other and are situated in different locations in the beginning, they eventually

  • Learned Optimism: An Analysis

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    In such a scenario, optimism may just prove to be the difference and help in building the self sustaining capabilities amidst stress, problems and ambiguities. Optimism is a generalized expectancy that good outcome as opposed to bed will generally occur when confronted with problems across situations. Optimism is used to denote a positive predisposition and likelihood that good things will happen irrespective of one’s ability. Over time, researchers have emphasized that optimism is a learning style

  • Examples Of Optimism And Courage

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    Using Optimism to Defeat Conflict As philosopher Nicholas M. Butler states, “Optimism is the foundation of courage.” Keeping this in mind, “Dear Miss Breed”, written by Joanne Oppenheim, tells the story of a young girl named Louise who was interned, but had an optimistic outlook on life, leading her to appreciate everything around her. In Susan Campbell Bartoletti’s “Hitler Youth”, Sophie Scholl had the courage to stand up and do what she believed was right. And in Elie Wiesel’s “Nobel Prize Acceptance