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  • Provisional Government Essay

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    Provisional Government The Provisional Government had attempted to keep its power over Russian affairs during the trouble that followed the abdication of the tsar in February 1917, and as events would show, they were largely unsuccessful in doing so. This may have been because of Kerensky's mistakes, the government's lack of political power, or its failure to solve the problems of Russia's peasant majority. The Bolsheviks were quick to take advantage of time of weakness

  • Reasons Behind the Failure of the Provisional Government Essay

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    Reasons Behind the Failure of the Provisional Government The provisional government was brought about after the fall of the Tsarist government collapsed. This was done purely because of lack of support for the Tsar and being the only major party. They were in power for 8months and after making five serious errors; they were removed from power by force. Kerensky ran the provisional government and it was his lack of judgement, just like the Tsars stupidity and gullibility

  • How Far Was the Provisional Government Responsible for Its Own Downfall?

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    When the Provisional Government came into power Russia was in a state of major unrest. Russia had just overthrown the Tsarist regime, which had been in place for three hundred years and there were multiple groups who wanted to take power for themselves such as Lenin's Bolsheviks, they were fighting in an endless war and losing terribly, peasants where rebelling in the countryside and the people were angered over food shortages. On top of all these problems the Provisional Government was made up of

  • World War I's Responsibility for the Collapse of the Provisional Government in 1917

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    World War I's Responsibility for the Collapse of the Provisional Government in 1917 The Provisional Government assumed control of Russia following the abdication of the Tsar Nicholas II. It only had a brief period in power lasting about seven months. Historians have disputed the main cause for its failure, Marxist historians, such as John Reed, have rewarded it to the Bolshevik's effective propaganda machine, whilst more revisionist historians, such as Christopher Read

  • Failure of the Russian Provisional Government

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    predicament in Russia was unsuccessful due to the provisional government holding power. The provisional government set policies that weren’t under the autocratic government which lead them to be favoured by the people of Russian, an example of these policies included; “freedom of speech, freedom of the press, Immediate preparations for a vote to elect a constituent assembly consisting of representatives from the whole nation; when formed, the provisional government will cease to exist” and many others (Malone

  • The Failure of the Provisional Government and the Rise of the Bolsheviks

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    The Failure of the Provisional Government and the Rise of the Bolsheviks i. Subject of investigation. How did the failure of the Provisional Government allow for the rise of the Bolsheviks? ii. Methods to be used. 1. Research for bibliography about the influence of the Tsar during the Bolshevik Revolutions. Instruments used: History Reference books. Three main books were particularly helpful: Three "Whys" of the Russian Revolution, The Russian Revolution

  • Bolsheviks' Seizure of Power in 1917

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    Bolsheviks' Seizure of Power in 1917 There are many factors that help explain how and why the Bolsheviks managed to seize power in 1917. It was a combination of long and short term causes that together, created a revolution. The political system itself was long overdue for reform, but with a weak Tsar, the economic and social conditions became worse and worse. In 23 years, Nicholas II dropped from the glorious ‘Little Father of Russia’ to prisoners of his own country

  • The Reasons For The Success Of The Bolsheviks And The Outcomes For Their Success

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    weakness of the provisional government, Lenin’s great leadership, Trotsky’s control, and finally, the Bolsheviks’ successful propaganda. These acts shaped the Bolshevik Party and gained it social, political, and economic support from the lower classes. This all resulted in both the creation of the Soviet Union and the Civil War. The Bolsheviks went from being an insignificant radical party to a political ruling majority. Firstly, The Provisional Government was a temporary government for Russia

  • How Did Alexander Kerensky's Fall To The Fall Of The Government?

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    After overthrowing Tsar Nicholas II, Russian people were optimistic for change. The Provisional Government inherited authority after the removal of Tsar Nicholas II. A better life was promised and optimism spread across the country as the Provisional Government took control. Eventually the Provisional Government was confronted by the same issues Tsarism faced. The majority of the people felt the abdication of the Tsar was positive, but now the main issue became Russia’s involvement in World War 1

  • The Beginning Causes of the Russian Revolution of 1917 Essay

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    February and October in 1917, only the first actually merits the name. The February Revolution was a mass spontaneous event that overthrew the autocracy of Tsar Nicholas, while the events that occurred in October that led to the overthrow of the government set up in the aftermath of the February Revolution, were tightly controlled and executed in the style of a coup d’état.