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  • The High School Football Team

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    it. He played left tackle for his high school football team. He became a standout guard and began to gain a lot of local attention from the area around. By his senior season Chad was one of the best left guards in the state. Chad explained to us at this point all the pressure set in. At this moment, he felt as though all his moves he made were being watched and had no room for any type of error. Chad told us as a kid he wanted to enjoy his young life without being observed twenty four seven. Chad

  • High School Football Is Popular

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    High school football began in the late nineteenth century along side many college football teams. Practices became apparent with multiple pep rallies, cross-town and county rivals, mascots, marching bands, and homecomings. High school football is considered to be the first tier of football, prior to collegiate and professional play if a player is good enough. Over the years, high school football has gained coverage by broadcast media and games can be featured on regional channels. Overall, high

  • The Benefits Of Football In Youth And High School Football

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    If my son is interested in football I wouldn’t stop him and here’s why. Football as a sport benefits the economy, Teaches Youth discipline, And career opportunities. Youth and High school football Isn’t as dangerous as college football. It teaches Children important life lessons, college career choices, and lucrative financial opportunities. With this information in mind, The reasons why I would allow my son to play football is because If he is passionate about something and Enjoys it, then I would

  • Dangers Of High School Football

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    While football is a very popular sport in high school it could easily become a very dangerous sport. It becomes even more dangerous when it comes to football in high school. There are many precautions that need to be taken to formulate it as safely as possible, even then it still is difficult to make it safe if it's tackle football. A majority of students playing football in high school are aged fifteen through eighteen, still tremendously young meaning that their brains at this time are still

  • Concussions In High School Football

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    in high school football in the 2015-2016 school year. In high school football, a study shown that one in fourteen players will suffer from a head injury during their time playing (Burns). Another study shown that students are three times more likely to suffer from any type of injury than any other major sport. High school football is too dangerous of a sport for teenagers who are still growing mentally and physically. Football has and will continue being a very lethal sport for high school students

  • Persuasive Essay : The Reasons Of Football And Football In My School

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    say goodby. I am in highschool now and I play football, baseball and track. I live i a small tight knit community where everyone knows each other's business. If you ask for help some one will help you even if they don't know you they wouldn’t care all they see is someone in need of help. I play Football for my school and it has taught me character and mental toughness to never give up and that there is always a way. One reasons that i play football is that i play in memory of my dad because he

  • Pressure In High School Football

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    High school football over the years has become a huge spectacle lets just talk about the DWF area or we can even get smaller to make a point if you made a 25 mile radius these local high school teams play at the Star (seats 12,000), Allen stadium (seats 18,000 cost 60 million), and McKinney’s new stadium (seats 12,000 costs 69.9 million). This is just high school football these young kids playing under tremendous pressure from the start. The pressure to play high school football is immense, there

  • High School Football : Why Football Is Too Dangerous?

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    Football, one of the most popular sports in the United States, is also the leading cause of sports-related injuries. At a high school level, injuries are prone to happen due to the determination of players to wanting to do their best. Although football may seem as a dangerous and very brutal sport, it has been safe to play in high school for many years. As in any sport, injuries may occur to anyone at any given time, football is one of them which have been improving the safety of the game. Considering

  • Football : The High School

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    When someone mentions Phoebus High School of Hampton, Virginia, it is usually combined with another topic, football. The high school is more often known for having one of the most successful football programs in the state of Virginia. Virginia High School League name Phoebus as the #1 football program of this century. Since 2001 Phoebus has won 7 state football championships with the later four coming in back to back. Little boys dreamed of playing football for Phoebus and parents had strategic plans

  • Why Is High School Football Dangerous

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    High school football be one of the more dangerous sports, but it also has a great impact on the players and the society around it. High school football creates a sense of community and love for the sport, gives the players traits that they may need for the rest of their lives, and even though it is still dangerous, it has made tremendous success saftey wise from when the sport was first introduced. High school football has a good effect on it’s team and the people involved. One of the main reasons