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  • The Tea Of A Tea Party

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    Tea Parties In its simplest form, a Tea Party is defined as “a social gathering in the afternoon at which tea, cakes and other light refreshments are served.” Dating back into the 1700 's, tea etiquette and its popularity can be traced back to Charles II and his wife, Catherine of Braganza. Born of Portuguese descent, Catherine already know of and was fond of tea, as it was a preferred beverage of Portugal (Afternoon.com). Becoming known as the “tea-drinking Queen” she is regarded as the first

  • The Dumping Of Tea Or The Boston Tea Party

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    person who was walking down the hallway. When he arrives at history class, he completely zones out when the teacher talks about the Boston Tea Party. He panicked when he was doing his homework, realizing that he did not understand anything. Fortunately he read articles like this one to help him learn what he missed. The Dumping of Tea or the Boston Tea Party was an event in Boston, Massachusetts that helped spark the American Revolution. Before, Parliament imposed a harsh set of taxes. The Sugar

  • The Boston Tea Party

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    we discussed many different topics about modern world history. The topic that was most interesting to me was the Boston Tea Party. Many questions clouded my mind when we were talking about it. What lead to throwing the tea in the harbor? How did the “leader” of this act get people to go along with his plan? How did the British react, specifically the king? The Boston Tea Party is one of the most important protests that happened in history. The French and Indian war was expensive for the British

  • The Boston Tea Party

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    The Boston Tea Party The Boston Tea Party was an event that happened during the American Revolution. On the night of December 16th , 1773 a group of Massachusetts colonist disguised themselves as Mohawk Indians and snuck onto three British ships called “Dartmouth”, “Eleanor”, and “Beaver”. The ships were docked in the Boston Harbor to deliver tea to the New England colonies. The group of Massachusetts colonist dumped three hundred and forty-two chests of tea overboard into the Boston Harbor. This

  • The Shoemaker and the Tea Party

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    The Shoemaker and the Tea Party by Alfred Young revolves around two bibliographies written about one of the last living participants of the Boston Tea Party, and the authors own interpretations of the events surrounding the Tea Party and the American Revolution as a whole. In this particular novel, Young explores what it means to rediscover history, and how history is continually redefined. Particular attention in the novel is given to public history, and how highlighting people otherwise lost to

  • The At The Boston Tea Party

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    To be a “Socially responsible” person takes a lot for someone to trust you and for you to receive that award, which is why I chose the assignment “Culminations” due to it being one of the best examples of being a socially responsible person. You give and are trusted with the responsibility of being trusted outside of the school to get lunch because you’ve been doing your work and are considered a “college ready” student. For the "Researcher", I chose the Hamilton assignment, we had to do so

  • What Is The Boston Tea Party

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    Boston Tea Party What ?:The Boston Tea Party was a protest with the American Colonists against the British government. They protested by going on three trade ships in Boston Harbor and throwing tea overboard into the ocean. Some of the american colonists were dressed as Mohawk Indians,to symbolize freedom. When ?:The Boston Tea Party took place on Thursday December 16,1773. Where ?:This all happened in Boston in the boston Harbor, on 3 boats,which were called the Dartmouth, the Eleanor, and the

  • Causes Of The Boston Tea Party

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    Boston harbor and threw 342 chests of tea overboard. The Sons of Liberty were a secret society that came together to protect the rights, freedom, and liberty of the colonists. Among the Sons of Liberty were artisans, craftsmen, doctors, lawyers, business owners, common men, ect. What caused the Boston Tea party? There were several factors that keyed in to create the general cause of the Boston Tea party. One cause was that the Patriots had been smuggling tea for years before the event. They did this

  • Summary Of The Shoemaker And The Tea Party

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    What is so impressive about George Robert Twelves Hewes? Alfred F. Young opens his monograph The Shoemaker and the Tea Party: Memory and The American Revolution by posing the question, “How does an ordinary person win a place in history?” Superficially, Hewes had an extraordinarily long life for a man in New England in the 18th century. However, leading such a prolonged life, in such a polarizing period in Boston, Massachusetts Hewes was an effective vessel to examine the larger issues of the

  • The Shoemaker And Tea Party Summary

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    Young, Alfred F. The shoemaker and the tea party: memory and the American Revolution. Beacon Press, 1999” Alfred F. Young throughout his book used Robert Hewes experiences to show how the American Revolution impacted the colonist. The Shoemaker and Tea party is all about a shoemaker named George Robert Twelves Hewes, whose accomplishments weren’t really recognized and somewhat overshadowed by “famous “people. The book will show how Hewes grew as a person and as a patriot, it will show his ups and