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  • Accelerated Reader Testing Experience

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    “GIV, WAIT FOR ME!” screamed Tristen down the long, classroom hallway. I was rushing to the library, which was just across the hall, however; there were only enough computers for about two-thirds of the class. Since Accelerated Reader testing was a crucial competition at John W. Wash Elementary School, I had to get a computer. Every quarter, the student with the highest AR points in each grade level were awarded prizes. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, wanted to win. The prizes were not much to

  • Implementation Methods : Independent Choice Reading

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    Implementation Methods Independent Choice Reading Independent choice reading time follows the same aspects as independent reading. Independent choice reading follows independent reading by giving students time to read (Miller 2012). Miller states that she uses at least 30 minutes in her high school classes. However, she states, “As much as 15 minutes of extra students reading time can be gain in class each day be designating reading as the only activity for any class time not used for instruction

  • What Is Jfk Observation

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    On March 6, 2017, I had the opportunity to observe Ms. Kennedy 4th grade class during her reading lesson. Ms. Kennedy teaches at Martha Gaskins Elementary school in Birmingham, Alabama. The Birmingham City School system students are predominately African-American and come from low-income homes. Therefore, all schools in the system are Title 1 schools except the ones that have been designated as specialty schools. Mrs. Kennedy begins each morning with a morning comprehension worksheet. The students

  • Elementary Classroom At Bb Elementary

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    I am placed in a third grade classroom at BB Elementary (preK-5) in NN city, MM county. According to the BB website, the school enrolls around 480 students, two-thirds of which are English Learners. The demographics of this school are comprised of primarily Hispanic, African American, and South Asian families. All instruction is done in English. The pacing of this school is determined by the SBAC, or the Smarter Balance Assessment System based on the California Common Core standards. The MM school

  • I Love A Book Analysis

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    events, hearing the things they say, following my favorite characters throughout their lives. When I read I become so engulfed in the story that I hate for it to end, no matter how good the ending is. When I was in elementary, I we used the Accelerated Reader program, otherwise known as AR, and through that you could earn points for every book that you read and

  • The Importance Of English-Speaking English Language

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    minute, not because I was competitive but for the reason that I always enjoyed achieving in academics. In the meantime, I was an immense fan of the Berenstain Bears book series, which was the literature I read for entertainment but mostly for Accelerated Reader(a program that monitors the practice of reading) (AR) points. If I read and had accumulated enough points, I could win enthusiastic prizes at the end of the school year. I believe that strategy worked remarkably well in obtaining

  • Life Development At Trinity Lutheran School

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    Nealy is eight years old and is going to be a third grader at Trinity Lutheran School in Janesville, Minnesota this September. She turned eight years old on May 22nd, 2015. She is the oldest in her family. She has two younger brothers ages six and four. Nealy hit all the developmental milestones while growing up. She has never incurred any health problems; her vision and hearing are great. However, she can have “selective hearing” at times according to her mother. Her mother received a BS in Child-Life

  • The Importance of Education Essay

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    I was one of the top three readers in our 5th grade class and with this accomplishment I wished to achieve high scores even through most years of middle school. I read books mainly about kids like the Beverly Cleverly set about Ramona as well as the science books of marine life.

  • My Personal Reading : My Passion Of Reading

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    As a very young kid, I had always been a gifted reader. As early as the age of 3, I was able to read relatively challenging words and sentences. I read anything and everything I could; from cereal boxes to street signs. Not only was I good at reading, but I enjoyed it. I got enjoyment out of being able to visually see something and turn it into a thought and a verbal sentence. This enjoyment fostered a deep personal love for reading at a very young age. Ever since, I’ve always found enjoyment in

  • Science Understanding Essay

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    person is at data analysis, the better he or she is equipped to understand and evaluate the barrage of statistical information encountered daily in the media”. “In order to draw a conclusion, you need to make sure to have plenty of support”. The reader should avoid from extrapolating from the data claims that are not supported by the data from the graphs” Methods of data collection may include questionnaires, focus groups checklists, telephone interviews, observations, and document reviews.