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  • Miranda Jr Role Model Essay

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    “I'm past patiently waitin,' I'm passionately smashin' every expectation, every action's an act of creation.” (Miranda) January 16, 1980, Puerto Rican parents, clinical psychologist Luz Towns Miranda and political consultant Luis A. Miranda Jr. brought Lin-Manuel Miranda into this world. In New York City, Miranda and his sister were raised by their Broadway loving parents. Both children were encouraged musically by their mother and father, taking piano lessons early in life and were exposed to a

  • Commentary On Nature Shock, By Ashley Merryman

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    Ashley Merryman, co-author of “Nature Shock,” (NY Times, Oct. 6, 2016) in “Forget Trophies, Let Kids Know It’s O.K. to Lose” argues that there is nothing wrong with losing because failure can actually be helpful. I passionately agree with this. Marryman begins by stating the negative outcome of children always earning trophies despite of their participation or accomplishment in which it is teaching children that “losing is so terrible.” She states that this it is as “destructive message.” She believes

  • Analysis Of The Play 'Hamilton'

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    The play “Hamilton” by Lin-Manuel Miranda brings the founding fathers back to life-with a lot of hip-hop. It all started when Miranda, a writer, composer, and performer, was asked to perform at the White House centered on “the American experience.” The White House expected him to perform something based on his own Latin- American experience, but Miranda had something else in mind. Few months’ prior, Miranda was on vacation with his girlfriend when he started to read a biography on Alexander Hamilton

  • Benjamin Franklin Research Paper

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    Benjamin Franklin is known best for being the president of the United States or you may know him for his inventions or his writings, but there is so much more to him than just that. He is a man of wisdom and integrity. This is why I chose him as my figure of interest in my research. Franklin's life was full of wisdom and science, as he was a well-known writer, inventor, printer, as well as, a founding father of the United States. I had the opportunity to sit down and converse with Franklin during