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  • Remember The Most Important Day Of The Day

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    It was a cold Friday morning in suburbia when Nancy had woken up to a loud drilling across the street. There were children rushing to school with their bags weighing them down and parents on their mobile phones trying to explain to their coworkers why they were running late. It looked like a somewhat normal end to the week. As Nancy pulled back the curtain, she saw a builder bent over drilling into the pavement with his crack on show. She sighed and laid back down. It was only until Nancy looked

  • Why Parker Is Not A Social Butterfly

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    Parker stands just outside of the airport doors with a suitcase beside her, it was awkward for Parker to try and maneuver her way through the airport’s terminal. Every corner and service desk she looked at she would see best friends, families, long distance couples, and sometimes even the lonesome fliers. It was odd being around so many people, but seeing each person with a smile on their face made her even happier to be here. The Netherlands are nice, Parker decides. She likes the small towns where

  • Creative Writing: The Game Of Homework

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    The Game  School ended an hour ago and I am still on the bus texting my friends. "Come over at 4:45. We are going to play a game, bring flashlights"-Jaemin. When I finally get home I go straight to my room and grab all my flashlights and my watch. A few minutes later Oscar shows up and Eliot got a ride with Rob. That leaves Leyton and John, they are always late. 4:46 and Leyton gave John a ride so then we get inside and go to the kitchen and make some popcorn. When I walked in and I hear the TV on

  • A Day That I Will Remember Forever

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    A Day That I Will Remember Forever It was one of the last breezy afternoons of summer before I started middle school, and I had just gotten back for summer hockey practice. Ring...ring...ring the phone goes Ring...ring...ring, I pick up the phone to hear Ally 's voice . “Hi,” she said. “Hey, what 's up,” I replied. “Not much I was just wondering if you could to hangout?” Ally asked. “Yeah, I can,” I answered, “ I just have to take a quick shower, so I will come down when I am done at around 12ish

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    After ringing the doorbell several times, and pounding on the door, Karen screamed, “Wake up, Dan. Wake up, Dan! I need your help.” Ready to go to another neighbor’s house, she heard him say, “Hold on I’m coming!” After opening the front door, Karen saw her neighbor standing in the doorway wearing only his boxer shorts and a tee shirt. He asked, “What’s wrong? Karen, what’s your problem?” Weeping, she said, “Something is wrong with Katherine. She looks dead, come quick.” “Just a minute,” he

  • Mrs. Cartwright: A Short Story

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    Students, Class, and Ships?!? It was 2:17 in the afternoon, and Mrs. Cartwright’s bust just kept bouncing. Mrs. Cartwright was our new teacher for our Health class, due to some complications with our old teacher. No one really knows why Mr. Smith was fired, but rumors say he was some kind of Russian spy and the CIA came to find out what he was. Others say he was selling drugs secretly to other students, but in reality no one really knows the true story as to why Mr. Smith was fired. As Mrs. Cartwright

  • Importance of Thinking in Troilus and Criseyde and Hamlet Essay

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    Importance of Thinking in Troilus and Criseyde and Hamlet Troilus and Hamlet have much in common. Both have represented the quintessential tragic heroes of two literary periods. Both lovers, Troilus and Hamlet lose what they love despite their earth-shaking groans. Both are surrounded by traitors and are traitorous in kind. Both are embattled and--this is no secret--both die. But somewhere on that mortal coil on which they are both strung, they confront a similar question, a question which

  • Narrative Frames and Interpretive Models in Troilus and Criseyde

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    Narrative Frames and Interpretive Models in Troilus and Criseyde         Interpretive certainty is purposely elusive in Geoffrey Chaucer's "Troilus and Criseyde". Meaning within the text is convoluted and continually renegotiated. Any attempt to design a singular coherent stable source of meaning is problematic at best. Throughout the work, narrative frames are broken and reordered and the validity of any fixed interpretive model is challenged. Virtually every broad thematic discussion developed

  • Theme Of Dreams In Troilus And Criseyde

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    Chaucer also demonstrates that dreams are layered with meaning and may serve as a tool for an intertextual analysis of literature and poetry when amalgamated into poems themselves. It encourages metareflection and the use of dream visions within Chaucer’s work alternates between a formulaic device or a significant and divine vision into the future. It becomes apparent that the dream is an effective and fundamental device for writing narratives that question reality, faith, and agency. The dreams

  • Similarities Between Migo And Plato

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    further, instead of closer, to the forms (i.e. truth), thus leading to falsehood (142). Platonism in relation to Milton’s “L’Allegro” and “IL Penseroso” are what makes these two poems in opposition of one another. The poem “L’Allegro” affirms Plato belief about poetry because it offers readers an illusionary and sensationalize approach to reality. Whereas, “IL Penseroso” refutes this notion by bestowing on the readers a rational view, which in turn leads to the truth. Milton opens “L’ Allegro” “Hence