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  • The Importance Of Remembrance Of The Soldiers And Their Sacrifices

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    Throughout the history of the Civil War, Gettysburg was one of the most intriguing battles. It not only was the battle that had largest number of casualties but it was also located in a very isolated piece of land in upstate Pennsylvania. Gettysburg National Military Park has gone through many phases throughout its history; one thing that has not changed and that is the importance of remembrance of the soldiers and their sacrifices. The changes that occurred through the decades at Gettysburg National

  • The Symbolism in “The Hills Like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemingway

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    “The Hills Like White Elephants” is a short story that is about an American man and a girl called Jig. They are sitting at a table outside a train station, waiting for a train to Madrid. While they wait they order drinks and have a heated ongoing conversation over whether or not Jig will have an operation that would be of great significance to their relationship. “The Hills Like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemingway has two important symbols in the story, the hills and the drinks both of which

  • Nature And Mother Nature : Reconnecting With Mother Earth

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    The glacial erratics represent the beginning of human population of the America’s and the beginning of traditional culture, and the rocks carry with them the essence of the spirit of all those years. In honour of the truth and reconciliation act, this essay has an ode to healing by walking the land and, more specifically, reconnecting with Mother earth. I am not a religious person. I am not a spiritual person even in my own mind. And I do not even know if I believe if there is or is not a god. But

  • Great Bear Descriptive Writing

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    cold December day in 2014, I found myself snowboarding down the small and very icy hill of Great Bear. On this chilly day there were very few people riding up the very bright red chair lift. As the very few that were there went down the hill you could hear as skis or snowboards slice through the thin layer of ice. From the Chair lift I can see everything on the hill and around the are.I was carefully examining the hill and the area they call the “ Terrain Park”. Little did I know this day would make

  • Intimate Encounter Essay

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    The dirt path led me downward into secluded valleys and over open hills. Two miles into this delightful experience, a small Adirondack named the Stan Murray shelter, stood as a resting point for weary hikers. The Adirondack, a three-sided shack like structure, blended into the surrounding brown of the trees and surprised

  • Summary Of The Book ' The Trail '

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    They were on their morning walk through the endless trails and old dirt paths that twisted and turned until you saw no end. The trails were covered with fresh snow stacked upon autumn’s forgotten leaves that were never bothered to be picked up. Walking into the woods, holding his gun with an old torn red flannel tee on, Jason has doubts that this might be his last season. Charlie was already climbing down the hillside, straying off the trails, and hoping of making the first kill to prove his worthiness

  • My School Day

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    The school dismissal bell has just rung and I walk slowly towards the back of the building towards the athletic wing. As I walk towards the trophy case, I am walking by memory because i am distracted by my own thoughts floating through my head of all the things I need to do before the day ends. My ends go back to focus and I find myself with the rest of my cross country team. Today is Tuesday, and we have a meet. Tuesday is the longest day of my week. After going to school for seven hours, I have

  • Hills Like White Elephants Character Analysis

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    comprehension. The use of characterization within the story “Hills Like White Elephants” aids the reader to further understand the persona of an individual. In return, this allows the reader to understand them on a deeper level with a powerful connection. Without characterization, it would be difficult for the individual reading to form a bond with the man and the girl because they wouldn’t truly understand what they’re going through. In “Hills Like White Elephants”, by Ernest Hemingway, the American’s

  • Classism In Sandra Cisneros's The House On Mango Street

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    Throughout the novel, Esperanza dreams of moving into a new house, a house on the hill because “people who live on hills sleep so close to the stars that they forget about [those] who live on earth” (86). The house on the hill is a metaphor for those who are higher up in the social class. Those who live on the hills live their live their entire lives so easily and “[do not] look down at all except to be content to live on the hills” (86). Esperanza critiques that the higher class are happy with their own

  • Examples Of Colonialism In The River Between

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    Makuyu with a valley between them through which flows Honia river,the soul of the two ridges. Kameno is inhabited by the tribe whose blood and bones speake the language of the hills and which has kept itsu magic and rituals pure and intact. Makuyu,on the other hand ;is occupied by the language of the hills and the ways of the land. Mr.Livinstone and Joshua