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  • Role Of Eglin Air Force Base During World War II

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    he or she contributed whether it be money, work, or even his or her own life. Few people in Florida and even in our local area understand the important role Eglin Air Force Base played during World War II. The primary mission of the Base during World War II was to perform operational suitability testing for the Army Air Corps. Eglin Air Force Base was originally started as Valparaiso Airport in 1933. There was a purchase of an arrow-head shaped parcel of 137 acres. The area was cleared for use

  • The Role of Culture and Leadership in the United States Air Force

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    The Role of Culture and Leadership in the United States Air Force Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines culture as “the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization” and leadership as “the act or an instance of leading.” The United States Air Force, like any other large organization, relies on leadership at all levels to effectively operate its mission. Further, the United States Air Force since it’s inception in 1947 has had a continuously

  • Essay on The Role of the Royal Air Force in World War II

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    The first priority was to attain air superiority by destroying the Germany aircraft industry and operational fighters. The second priority was to destroy the German electrical power grid, transportation networks, and oil industry. The third priority was to provide tactical support for the ground invasion of Europe. The Allied success in the European theater depended on achieving air superiority. They wanted their air forces to have the ability to operate anywhere without opposition

  • Modern Warfare

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    These fundamentals shape the U.S. military during peace and war. Maintaining peace and winning wars are important. To do that, large capable militaries are required with C2 and Napoleon recognized this. Napoleon task organized the Army into Armies, Corps, Divisions, and Brigades, centralizing C2. Napoleon’s Supreme Command

  • Interwar: Air Power Theory

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    For more than a century, mankind has occupied all three domains of this earth; subsequently, the realm of warfare has expanded into the three dimensions progressively with the conquering of land, sea, and ultimately the air. With the advent of functional airplanes at the beginning of the last century, powered, sustained, and controlled flight was achieved during the inaugural flight of Orville and Wilbur Wright in 1903, fulfilling a dream that had occupied the minds of man for more than millennia

  • The Battle Of The Japanese War

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    island in the southern Solomons where Japan was building an airbase. The first United States Marines division had invaded.” According to “For the Common Dense”, “the Navy Marine Corp had landed at Guadalcanal in August 1942 during WWII to open the south pacific offensive and set out for months of bitter land, sea and air fighting that ended in critical Japan defeat (Millett, p.397).” Both opponents had lost warships in the combats around the island. But more ships had joined the U.S. fleet. This

  • Benjamin O. Davis: A Brief Biography

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    Benjamin O. Davis, Sr., was born in Washington, D.C., on July 1, 1877. Davis attended M Street High School in Washington where he participated in the school's cadet program. During his senior year of high school, he took some classes at Howard University. His father, a messenger for the Interior Department, and his mother, a nurse, urged him to enroll in college after high school. He entered the military service on July 13, 1898, during the War with Spain as a temporary first lieutenant of the 8th

  • Army Intelligence And Security Command Essay

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    its adversaries, US Army Intelligence and Security Command should release control of Army counterintelligence elements. Once released, all counterintelligence agents should be reconstituted into a new Counterintelligence Corps. Looking to the past and the Counterintelligence Corps during World War II and the Korean War, the Army could recreate the most functional form of Counterintelligence it has ever had. Currently agents are assigned to units randomly and often work in capacities other than counterintelligence

  • Aerial Warfare During World War I

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    reconnaissance tools into a tactical and strategical

  • General Pete Quesada And The Triumph Of Tactical Air Power During World War II

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    General Pete Quesada and the Triumph of Tactical Air Power in World War II I would like to begin my paper with the quote by John Kennedy “learning and Leadership are indispensable to each other.”1 I think it is a great saying about leadership I have ever heard. There are many books about leadership. But if someone wants to be a good leader and if they do not have leadership abilities, character from birth, they will never be able to be a good leader. When we say leader, we have to think about people