Montgomery County

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  • Montgomery County Essay

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    East Montgomery High School is part of the State Board District of Sandhills and is located in the township of Biscoe in the eastern region of Montgomery County North Carolina. Montgomery County was established in 1779, from a portion of Anson County. Located in the piedmont of North Carolina, ( where the Uwharrie National Forest encompasses much of the 491.76 square miles of land, the county

  • Gun Murders In Montgomery County

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    murders in Montgomery County, but in fact all across the United States. This year, 2017, there have been 4,625 murders due to guns all across the U.S (GVA). In 2014-2016 there has been a total of 41,138 murders in the U.S due to guns (GVA). Most of the deaths are in the South, like Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and North Carolina. There were plenty of local deaths by guns. There needs to be stricter gun control to prevent murders. In Montgomery County, A man was

  • Montgomery County Case Summary

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    comedian surrendered himself and appeared at the Montgomery County courthouse in Pennsylvania to face charges. He was released on a million dollar bail, but according to his attorneys, the battle is not close to being over. Radar Online, Dec. 30, 2015 reports that Bill Cosby entered no plea at the time. Bill Cosby’s lawyer, Monique Pressley called the charges against him “unjustified” in a statement released to Us Weekly. The charge by the Montgomery County District Attorney's office came as no surprise

  • Causes Of Homelessness In Montgomery County

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    HOMELESSNESS IN MONTGOMERY COUNTY Homelessness is a huge and complex issue in Montgomery county which includes veterans, children families and elderly population. Homelessness not only happens in the state of Maryland or large cities but in can happen anywhere we go. “On a single night in 2016, 549,928 people were experiencing homelessness in the United States”(Henry, 2016). There are many issues that can lead to homelessness such as lack of education, mental illness, economic and social stabilities

  • Montgomery County Education Observation

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    There were a couple information sessions to reach out to Montgomery county residents to inform, and consult them on the programs and budgets of the County’s public school and the college. Montgomery County Council Education Committee Chair, Craig Rice, Montgomery County Public Schools Superintendent, Jack Smith, and Montgomery College President DeRionne Pollard graced the information session. I appreciated their effort to seek input from the public who will be receiving the education and it also

  • Montgomery County Marriage Law

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    be obtained. Such document, which has to be signed by the person who officiates the wedding, authorizes one to get married. This, when filed by the county clerk, will now become a marriage record which is also subject to the Public Records Law thereby making it a public document. Should you wish to get a hold of a marriage document, say Montgomery County marriage records for instance, you can actually do so as long as you follow the standard procurement process. Texas, like other American states

  • Rockville Case Report

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    Rockville, Maryland's 10 largest city, is a densely populated city and the county seat of Montgomery County. The location of this city also makes it a suburb of Washington, DC, (only 12 miles to the northwest), which is a hub for major corporations, government offices, and several shopping and dining venues, and attractions. The residents of Rockville come from a nice blend of diverse backgrounds with dwelling types that range from contemporary single family homes to high-rise condominiums. Rockville

  • Heroin In Montgomery County: A Case Study

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    Heroin outbreak in Montgomery county The deaths due to heroin in maryland increased from 2014’s, 578 to 2015’s, 749, which is more than double of cocaine alone. Heroin has been one of the most overdosed drugs in the county over the last five years. The drug emerged quickly as prescription painkillers became hard to get. 40 milligrams of OxyContin is $40 while a bag of heroin is only $10, which is cheaper than a 6 pack of beer. According to Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, there were

  • NT1330 Unit 1 Assignment 1

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    As I begin to explore and assess my community, I have chosen Wynnewood, PA, part of The Mainline. Within this community, there’s an OB clinic in a suburban setting that serves the obstetrical patients. With the patients and health care workers all living in this small suburban community, workers may encounter boundaries with knowing their clients personally, and also some of the patient’s friends or family members. The workers will have to deal with how to be professional not to breach any information

  • A Brief Note On Lower Merion School District

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    Introduction Lower Merion School District is located in the suburbs of West Philadelphia. It is the school system for Lower Merion Township, which begins at the city limit of West Philadelphia. The district contains six elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools. Belmont Hills Elementary School is a public elementary school located within the Belmont Hills neighborhood in Lower Merion. It serves kindergarten through fifth grade. It has 451 students and 64 instructional staff