Alessandra Ferri

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  • My Dream Of Becoming A Ballet Dancer

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    ” I am surprised. I feel nothing. I am bewildered. No doubt the reality will hit me soon. “Sorry, but who was it that actually left her this money?” Mum says curiously. “Alessandra Ferri.” As if they are one person, mum and dad slap their hands over their mouths. They are completely in sync. “Sorry, but who is Alessandra Ferri?” I say. Getting the feeling that there is something that they are not telling me, I look at Sarah, expectantly. Squirming uncomfortably under my glare, she opens her mouth

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    it isn’t Donald,” said Logan who now has the urge to leave. Just because Logan’s friend was here did not mean his day got better. Donald always seemed to ruin the mood with his sad, and negative outcomes on everything. If they were on the top of a Ferris wheel Donald would

  • Design Objectives Of The London Eye

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    Assignment 2 The London Eye Introduction The London Eye, Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel was initially designed to be a high volume, high variation, low variety, and high visibility service operation. This report is to identify the wheels main design objectives, calculate the yearly capacity and judge potential threats to cause loss of its utilisation. The process design effects are that a mass service will be required with the following characteristics as laid out in question one. Question 1) Main

  • The 1893 World Columbian Exposition In Chicago, Chicago

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    The 1893 World Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois marked a pivotal moment in America’s history; the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival and discovery of the New World in 1492. Designed by Daniel Burnham and a principal team of architects, the 1893 exposition was intended to be an ideological display and a model of what a world’s fair could accomplish through urbanized city planning and the establishment of a nationalist identity. The fair was also known as the “White City”,

  • The High School Football Team

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    it. He played left tackle for his high school football team. He became a standout guard and began to gain a lot of local attention from the area around. By his senior season Chad was one of the best left guards in the state. Chad explained to us at this point all the pressure set in. At this moment, he felt as though all his moves he made were being watched and had no room for any type of error. Chad told us as a kid he wanted to enjoy his young life without being observed twenty four seven. Chad

  • Inventions Of The Ferris Wheel

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    What happened to Chester Greenwood, George Washington Gale Ferris, and Lonnie Johnson when they had a meeting together? Chester Greenwood invented earmuffs. Earmuffs were used to keep people's ears warm, and the invention also inspired people to create Chester Greenwood Day. George Washington Gale Ferris invented the Ferris Wheel. The wheel was described as a “ Historic event and an experience never to be forgotten”. Lonnie Johnson invented the Super Soaker. Super Soakers were enjoyed by many people

  • London Eye Mystery Short Story

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    London Eye Mystery: Hannah’s perspective: We lost him how could he just disappear out of thin air like magic had taken him away for us. Kat’s freaking out pacing back and forth just saying,” he can’t be gone know one can just drop of the face of the earth”. But somehow Salim did he’s gone but that’s impossible we watched him walk into the capsule so there's no way he can be gone. “Why are you just standing their Hannah nothing will happen with you just staring”, says Kat “I’m thinking, you need

  • How Did The World's Fair Benefit Chicago

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    mark for the fair, but everyone understood that the Ferris Wheel, with thirty-six cars carrying more than two thousand passengers, embodied the potential for a catastrophe of almost unimaginable scale” (Larson 273). The sled accident was “a black mark” of the fair which created fear for the Ferris Wheel. However, the Ferris Wheel ended up better than the sleds did. It became one of the most amazing and iconic attractions at the fair. “The Ferris Wheel quickly became the most popular attraction of

  • Creative Story : A Short Story

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    It was a warm, summer day. The waves crashing down on the sand, children and adults alike were laughing. Alia Smith, a 10 year old girl, put a foot in the ocean, shrinking away from the coldness. Something shiny caught her eye, a seashell. She walked towards it, picking it up. Another shimmer caught her eye, even further away from the previous. A third shell caught her eye, and soon, Alia realized she couldn’t see her family. “Oh, well.” Alia murmured, “I’ll just follow my footsteps back.” and

  • Personal Narrative Essay : Toronto Airport IsnT My Favorite Place

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    Toronto airport isn’t my favourite place. Especially on christmas day of all days. Most people are spending it with their families or going away with their families, but not me. I am currently waiting by myself in this huge airport that is filled with way too many people. I was headed to England by myself at 16. Keep in mind, I technically wasn’t going to be in England alone, I was just flying alone. My best friend and her family live there. You are probably thinking why on earth are you best friends