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  • Analysis Of Alex Christmas : Alex Cross

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    The book Merry Christmas, Alex Cross, written by James Patterson is a realistic fiction. The action thriller is about Alex Cross ,a detective, tells the story in his view of how he experienced it, first person. All Alex Cross wants to do is spend time with his family on Christmas Eve and Christmas night, but he can not because he has to take care of a hostage situation and then after that, there is a terrorist attack. After he finishes another problem and thinks he can go home with his family, he

  • Theme Of Manipulation In Kiss The Girls

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    Manipulation can be explained as the way one may coax a person into doing something they want. In Kiss the Girls, manipulation is effectively defined at the end of the film when Casanova has unmasked himself and is talking to Alex Cross. He says, “You use the subjects first name… and your tone… you gotta keep it soft… and steady” (Kiss the Girls). These techniques are used throughout the course of the movie as almost any character is manipulating another. This effectively defines manipulation by

  • Themes Of Cat And Mouse

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    Cat and Mouse is a novel by James Patterson, featuring his popular character Alex Cross. In this novel, Gary Soneji, the criminal mastermind from ‘Along Came a Spider’ returns. Soneji blames Cross for the time he has spent in jail for his crimes and wants to punish him. First, however, Soneji wants to commit crimes he knows will make him famous long after he dies. While Cross tries to find Soneji and stop his crime spree, he finds himself pulled into another case, the case of Mr. Smith, a cruel and

  • Essay on The Philosophy of James Patterson

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         James Patterson should be included in an anthology because he has mastered the art of description and plot. He’s capable of creating lives in his books like no other author from past or present. He has created a fictional world inside of his Alex Cross series, where many fans of his like to live. With each new book he can fill a mind with unbelievable detail and imagery. A small two book series, nicknamed the “bird booksâ€?, blew away many critics. With this mini-series he ventures into biotechnology

  • Alex Cross : A Psychological Thriller Essay

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    Plot “Alex Cross” is a psychological thriller about a Detroit psychologist/ detective by the name of Dr. Alex Cross who spends much of his time chasing down an arrogant, sadistic, psychotic serial killer/ Picasso, nicknamed for the charcoal sketches left behind at the crime scenes, is a hired serial killer and Cross is determined to not only find Picasso, but also the man who hired him. By examining the sketches, Alex Cross is able to determine Picasso’s next victims and gets in the way of the assassins

  • Theme Of Family In The Book I Alex Cross

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    In the book I, Alex Cross by James Patterson, the protagonist, Alex Cross, and his family living in the nation’s capital must solve a beloved niece’s murder, and uncover the truth about the magnates of the country -- all while nurturing the growing wound of the loss of a family member. In the book Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon discovers the resurgence of an ancient brotherhood known as the Illuminati, and flies to Rome to warn the Vatican, the Illuminati's most

  • Essay about clockwork orange

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    an individual’s right to choose is robbed for the good of society. The first and last chapters place Alex in more or less the same physical situation but his ability to exercise free will leads him to diametrically opposite choices—good versus evil. The phrase, “what’s it going to be then, eh?,” echoes throughout the book; only at the end of the novel is the moral metamorphosis complete and Alex is finally able to answer the question, and by doing so affirms his freedom of choice. The capacity to

  • What Title? Essay

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    that was beginning to emerge in the early 1960s. The novel follows Alex, a young hoodlum who is arrested for his violent acts towards the citizens of London. While incarcerated, Alex undergoes a technique in which his free will towards acts of a barbaric - or even harmless - nature is taken from him, then is forced to face the world once more as a machine-like

  • Use of Language in a Clockwork Orange

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    life from the eyes of a fifteen year old English hoodlum. Burgess effectively broke arcane traditions when he wrote A Clockwork Orange by blending two forms of effective speech into the vocabulary of the narrator and protagonist, Alex. Burgess, through his character Alex, uses the common or "proper" method of vernacular in certain situations, while uses his own inventive slang-language called "Nadsat" for others. Many

  • A Clockwork Orange: a Critical Analysis

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    future. However, for many, it is close to impossible to comprehend without outside help. This is because Burgess created a language specifically for this novel, called Nadsat. This Russian-based language forms conversations between the narrator, Alex, and his teenage, delinquent friends. There are many assumptions as to why Burgess chose to complicate A Clockwork Orange by filling it with the confusing Nadsat language. Some opinions are that the language shows A Clockwork Orange readers