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  • Alma Monologue

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    A young girl named Alma trots along a snowy, deserted and narrow road. The stark white setting symbolizes the path to heaven or the afterlife. An enormous chalkboard displaying scribbled names that belong to the previous victims bears a single blank space. Alma scrawls her name. During this scene, the background music has a melodic, gleeful tune. Pasted on the wall beside the store are numerous posters reporting missing persons. Alma spots a doll through the store's window that perfectly matches

  • The Alma Monologue

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    Alma Alma, a young girl, finds herself down a long, narrow snow-covered alleyway. Alma happily skips along until she found a wall with names of many children inscribed on it. She decided to join in and write her name on the wall as well, suddenly, Alma hears a noise similar to gears turning. She turns around to see a doll figure reflecting a very similar appearance to her own. Alma stares at the doll like it was her own reflection, looking down to check if they had similar clothes on, the doll disappeared

  • Alma Mla Citation

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    countless names of different children, she decides to write her name, “Alma”, right in the middle of the board. Suddenly, hearing an odd clicking sound, she turns around to see a doll that looks exactly like her, in the window of the shop across the street. Alma curiously approaches the shop and stares at the figurine. Glancing down at her clothes, she realizes the figure was wearing an outfit that was identical to her attire. As Alma looks up, the doll disappears. Inquisitively, she goes to the door

  • Alma In White Analysis

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    A young girl named Alma gets in an adventure of a lifetime as she discovers a strange doll that represents her. Her curiosity gets the best of her when she attempts to take the doll. In a turn of events, Alma gets trapped inside the doll and is ultimately stuck there forever. The story starts off in an unknown city. Grey covers the entire sky and snow is consistently falling. The weather gives off the impression that the winter season is in its peak and it must be cold. With snow covering the concrete

  • Alma Blaas Analysis

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    ‘Alma’ Written and directed by Rodrigo Blaas, gave us gentle goosebumps by making us shadow ‘Alma’, who’s name translated to Spanish meaning ‘Soul’, she’s a happy-go-easy child and is open minded for any adventure. This Dark Fantasy and Horror Short film direct to a linear form of storytelling with divergent slants causing to be a weak point from the audience perspective, leading their reaction disorientated. The animation kicks off with young Alma roaming a lonely road with no one other than her

  • Case Study Of ALMA RAS

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    ALMA RAS started its business in Olovo seventeen years ago. It was symbolically founded on International Women's Day and has since become renowned as indispensable for those enjoying high quality fine underwear and nightwear. Over the years, ALMA RAS has showed continuous growth and development - from a small family business to one of the most well-known brands in BiH, with a widespread wholesale distribution network and its own retail stores throughout BiH. In 2014, ALMA RAS expanded its business

  • Alma Winemiller Character Analysis

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    developement especially stood out. All three factors and many more collaborated together to provide a night full of emotions, curiosity, and even sometimes laughter. At the top of the first scene, Alma Winemiller, seemed normal as can be.

  • Personal Narrative: Alma Chocolate

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    introduced herself that immediately made me want to get to know her. Hannah directs sales and marketing for Alma Chocolate, her mother Sarah’s famed bon bon and candy shop that boasts a local cult following. It’s a fairly recent role for Hannah. She was deeply rooted in the New York food world as an editor for Bon Appétit magazine when her mother mentioned a desire to expand the business. Alma Chocolate now operates from two retail spaces, a commercial kitchen, and is a national wholesale business

  • Transformation In The Short Film 'Alma'

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    the time to create fear. “I would darken and spill all night running until at last morning broke called earth and I carried you home.” This transformation happens our reading because is seems as the Windigo changes his mindset. In the short film “Alma” there was transformation because at first she was all cheerful and the music was happy and cheerful and then when she went into the store when she saw a

  • Barno's Role In The Military

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    After reading these pieces it was easy to speculate that the authors are of adult age with some degree of higher education based off of the fact their work is published as a respected opinion. The authors either mentioned attending prestigious events or schools. Rini, attended Georgetown University, and I can suspect Barno, is military affiliated by his mentions to the event of for governor, Tom Ridge, and his extensive knowledge on the military. I would assume the authors range anywhere from early