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  • Should Convicted Sex Offenders Names Be Made Public

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    negative effects of Internet notification” (Irwin, Delson, Kokish, Tobin, 2004, p. 4). According to the research, several causes exist for keeping convicted sex offender’s names private. However, for the purpose of this essay, the writer will investigate the following:

  • Manatee Research Paper

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    injured by people. They are harmless creatures that rely on us to keep them safe . I believe that manatees need more protection because they are already endangered and they have no way to fight back. Last year alone over 15% of the Florida manatee population was killed by a human in a preventable way (Pittman). These preventable ways include polluting the waters, the use of fishing nets, and the wrongful usage of motor boats. Manatees have also been on the endangered species list since 1973

  • William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet

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    feuding families’ protests. As a result of said feud, both Romeo and Juliet ended their lives, as a result of thinking that the other was dead. If we take this kind of situation and put it into the modern world, someone would be blamed for these tragic deaths. The only question is who. Their parents are to blame- the Montagues and the Capulets. Of course, to craft your opinion on this topic, you must first understand the fictional background of the Montagues and the Capulets. Although the play doesn’t

  • The Effects of Abortion That You Don't Know About Essay

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    untreated cervical damage (“A List of Major Physical Related to Abortion”). There are other complications that are not life threatening but are still dangerous to the mother’s health. One example is uterine perforation, occurring when the abortionist misses the child with his knife and cuts the mother’s uterus. This may cause hemorrhaging and complications in childbirth later on. The uterus now cannot hold a child and may rip; causing problems in birth that may lead to the death of the child. Prominent

  • Organ Donation Solution

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    unnecessary deaths occur each year waiting for an organ transplant that will more than likely never occur because of the shortage of available organ donors not just in the United States but worldwide.* How are we consciously letting so many people suffer and die when we can make a change for the better? Organ donors should receive some type of financial compensation for willingly signing up to save a life because it will help reduce the chronic waiting list, prevent unnecessary deaths and will give

  • Informative Speech On Organ Donation

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    Did you know that 121,678 people are currently on lifesaving organ transplant lists and of that 121,678 people, 100,791 of them await kidney transplants? Stated in the Organ Donation and Transplantation statistics, thirteen people every day die waiting for that lifesaving kidney transplant. Thirteen people. While waiting for a kidney transplant, there were 4,761 patients that passed in 2014. Another 3,668 became too sick to be eligible for the transplant surgery. Prune Belly Syndrome, is a serious

  • Suicide: The Intention To Cause Fatal Harm Upon One Self

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    intention to cause fatal harm upon one self. Studies illustrate it is the tenth ranking cause of death in the United States, especially among the age group 65 and older. According to the Journal of the Louisiana State Medical Society (2010), death by firearms was the most preferred choice when suicide was committed, but evidence now shows suffocation and strangulation are surpass the list since firearm regulations have been imposed. Drug and alcohol consumption make last on the list (p. 3) Committing

  • Are Guns Equal More Violence?

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    Even though evidence proves otherwise, many people claim the large quantity of guns in the United States are culpable for the country’s murder rates. While the United States population and number of guns have steadily gone up since 1994, the rates of all different crime types have drastically gone down (Planty). Over the last nineteen years, almost fifty million guns have been added to the US, yet firearm violence has been reduced by more than two thirds (Federal Bureau). This completely contradicts

  • Altruism Over Incentives For Organ Donation Essay

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    Altruism over Incentives for Organ Donation Organ donations have encountered organ donor, and as a result, organ supply decreases. Over the years, organ donation challenges and demands increase inversely in proportion to the organ shortages. The primary mission of donor’s organizations is to save as many terminally ill recipients at the end stages of their lives as possible with an end goal of giving these recipients a normal a life span. The significance of organ donation is to restore an ailing

  • Treatment For Chronic Organ Failure

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    replacing the organs that have failed in their functions. The lives of many people, including children, has been prolonged when organ transplantation was performed successfully. Organ transplantation has become a major public health issue in the United States due to its attributable death rate and to its excessive cost. The number of organs which are offered for transplantation is limited. Hence, there is a waiting list for receiving the organs. For example, during the last decade in the United States