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  • Animal Abuse Laws

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    Do you believe animals get treated fairly, well they certainly do not sometimes do they.There should be harder penalties for animal abuse. Also it should be made harder to do, but within range.Well in this infobook we will know where we want to go with harsher animal abuse laws and how we are doing in the process. We should make the problem of animal abuse well known, but we should also make it fair. Particularly some laws could stop me from showing some specific dog breeds. But we should put

  • The Laws Of Animal Cruelty

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    Just think most of the meats that we eat comes from our everyday farm animals they suffer gruesome deaths so that we may be provided a source of food even though it’s the circle of life we must consider what if the world were backwards and the animals had the same question that we still ask until this day where does our food come from .why don’t we act on this the, the laws of animal cruelty should come in play when it comes to things like this, but we don’t think about that either because of how

  • Service Animal Law Essay

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    Do I agree with the new service animal law? People made a new law about service animals.The law is that only dogs in can be service animals in public .Do I agree with it no, and I will explain why.I will also state why they made the law. As well as try to change your opinion from yes to no.Animals other than dogs are trained to be a service animal.I will now explain why they made this awful law. The law of only dogs as service animals in public protects other people from getting sick or injured

  • Why Animals Should Laws Obeying Animals And Animals

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    think about the animal or the animal's feelings? When you look at the biology food chain you find that wildlife are predators-preying among each other. Plants are eaten by small rodents and insects which are eaten by frogs. Snakes eat frogs and foxes eat rabbits which are consumed by humans. Mushrooms feed off of dead animals and plants and such is the cycle of food. Even though Animals should be safe, there should not be laws protecting animals on farms and in the wildlife. Animals are needed for

  • Arguments Against Animal Protection Laws

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    be their voice, to stop this cruel injustice? Animal protection laws should be improved , enforced, and the penalties for these transgressions should be severe. Starvation, abuse, neglect, torture, these are only some of the things endured at the hands of people. In Alabama animal cruelty laws state that it is considered a Class A misdemeanor if a person subjects an animal to cruel punishment, mistreatment, or neglect, in Vermont they have no such laws in place, while Washington states that it is

  • The Effectiveness Of Animal Protection Laws Essay

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    The Effectiveness of Animal Protection Laws in the United States Almost eight million dogs and cats are surrendered to local shelters each year. Of those nearly three million are euthanized in the U.S. according to the ASPCA. There are only three federal laws in the nation regarding animals, The Animal Welfare Act (AWA), Humane Methods of Slaughter Act, and the Twenty-Eight Hour Act of 1877. The AWA specifies regulation for domesticated pets, while the other two are for livestock and humane killings

  • Animal Cruelty Laws Should Be Legal

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    debate the issue of animal testing along with the manufacturers whom participate, and provide information for both sides. I will start by presenting some basic animal cruelty laws. The Animal Legal Defense Fund maintains a database of criminal animal cruelty cases in the U.S. reported to our organization. In the last ten years, over 30% of cases that we have tracked involve animal neglect (Animals Neglect Facts). Animal cruelty includes some of the following, torturing an animal, failing to provide

  • Ethical Laws To Non-Human Animals

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    billion farmed animals are killed every year by humans.” according to the animal rights organization, Animal Equality. This colossal amount of animals slaughtered for our own selfish needs does not include sea creatures, which could only augment the number of deaths. Yet, the majority of the world continues to ignore the speciesism and the destruction of the environment that the meat and other industries promote. They may contend that the by applying our ethical laws to non-human animals, we are thus

  • Animal Protection And Breed-Discriminatory Laws

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    Best Friends opposes breed-discriminatory legislation (also called breed-specific legislation, BSL), which arbitrarily targets particular breeds. Breed-discriminatory laws are not only ineffective at improving community safety, they are extremely expensive to enforce and deplete needed resources from animal control. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (click above for direct link) A CDC study on fatal dog bites lists the breeds involved in fatal attacks over 20 years (Breeds of dogs

  • Should Animal Welfare Laws Be Enforced?

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    Imagine being locked inside a room with no control of whether or not you will ever get to go outside to run around again. This situation is the life of a laboratory animal. Experimenting on animals is like being in jail so the guards can figure out a human responds to the environment. Animal testing is defined as processes implemented on living creatures for the purpose of studying natural science and illnesses, measuring the efficiency of new medicines, and experimentation of human healthiness or