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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Senator Barack Obama

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    illustration, he responds to all the questions by saying, “Did I know him be an occasionally fierce critic of American domestic and foreign policy? Of course. Did I ever hear him make remarks that could be considered controversial while I sat in the church? Yes. Did I ever strongly disagree with many of his political views? Absolutely . . ..”(Obama,

  • The Pros And Cons Of Racial Discrimination

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    issues of race that still exist in the history of America (Rai, 646). The speech titled “A More Perfect Union” conveys numerous messages regarding Obama’s concerning beliefs of racism. Barack Obama, himself, despite serving as the 44th President of the United States, had gone through the long and hurtful journey of difficulties in the presence of racial discrimination having to face the prejudice against the colored skin and a different social and cultural background. Being colored, preconceptions about

  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Barack Obama's Judgment By Association

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    Barack Obama’s “Judgement” by Association An attack on a country’s ideals is an attack on everyone’s in it. Because personal values are deep-rooted, political rhetoric often inspires emotion through personal bias to cloud perception. Habitually discovered, displays of carefully edited facts create negative value correlations to candidates. When used to portray a presidential candidate in the 2008 election year this clever tactic is effective in momentarily turning off almost an entire nation to

  • Why The Church Is A Complex Concept Of Grasp

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    many reasons why the church is one, but to actually be “one” is a complex concept to grasp. To be one means to be united, and unity is a powerful bond held together for a common purpose. For example, through the Trinity, God is one in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Likewise, all the aspects of the church is one just like the relationship of the Trinity. However, the Trinity is also one of the primary ways the church is united. The Trinity is the leader in making the church one. As Lumen Gentium

  • The Catholic Church And The Teachings About The Nature Of God

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    the major topics of discussion in the early church was about the nature of God. Some people questioned the oneness of God and did not believe that there is one essence in all three persons of God. Some other people did not believe that there are three persons of God. The major heresies all fit on a scale between two opposites. These opposites consist of Monarchianism and Tritheism. The heresies eventually led the church to establish the doctrine of Trinity in the Council of Nicaea held in the year

  • Relationship Between Tradition And Scripture

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    Tradition and Scripture One cannot talk about tradition without acknowledging the fact that the definition of tradition within the Church is continuously changing. At first, the Apostles were the tradition. Tradition meant the Apostle’s Christological preaching and interpretation of scripture. A few centuries of later, the Church had to distinguish itself and set boundaries to what would be considered traditional, and in-line with the teachings and interpretations of the Apostles. The Nicene Creed

  • Doctrine of the Trinity Essay

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    The Doctrine of the Trinity: Opponents Past and Present Systematic Theology I Research Proposal Seminary JoJo the Indian Circus Boy September, 2010 TABLE OF CONTENTS THESIS STATEMENT 2 INTRODUCTION 2 THEOLOGY OF THE TRINITY 3 BIBLICAL EVIDENCE SUPPORTING THE TRINITY Old Testament Support of the Trinity 4 New Testament Support of the Trinity 5 HISTORY OF THE TRINITY 7 Critics of the Trinity-Present 8 Judaism..............

  • The Trinity : God Of Three Persons

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    THE TRINITY: GOD IN THREE PERSONS The 21st century has become a time of drastic change. America and the world are becoming more irreligious, urban, diverse and postmodern. Almost everything is now being debated and re-examined concerning who God is and how the Bible is construed. Hollywood and TV have helped shaped a variety of people beliefs about Who God is more than the teaching of the Bible or any religious literature. Just as conducting a study of the Triune of God was historically important

  • The Trinity, The Three Distinct Persons Of God Essay

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    denominations tried to explain the Trinity, the three distinct Persons of God. But yet through the limited understanding of human knowledge and perceptions of God, they were not able to comprehend indefiniteness of God. One of the issues that Christians wanted to understand is the Triune God; in order to understand Trinity, it is helpful for us to know the existence of God. Then ask questions like; How the three Gods united and become One God? How should we understand Trinity? What are the positions and

  • Christian Dualism Research Paper

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    “Christian theology developed in the very act of responding to pagan objections” remarks Gonzalez (63). As the church grew the practice of theology resulted in many interpretations and threatened traditions held about the nature of God. Gnosticism made inroads claiming that Christ was a messenger who carried gnosis so that humanity could return to its spiritual origins (72). It viewed the physical world as evil so the form of Jesus’ body was open to interpretation consistent with the thought that