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  • The Newest Technology in Law Enforcement Essay

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    The license plate reader, LPR is a mobile plate hunter that comprises of a camera(s) placed on the outside of a squad car that is then connected to a computer database inside the squad car. The plate hunter has the capacity to recognize the character on a number plate and rapidly relay the information to the database computer that would verify of the owner or the automobile has any record or if the vehicle has been reported stolen/missing. This ability is even possible when the squad car is moving

  • Use Of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

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    Being unique for every vehicle, the number plate is an important resource for recognizing owner of vehicle from the country information database. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) was firstly introduced in 1976 and gained much popularity during the last decade along with the improvement of digital cameras. ANPR is an image processing technology which allows extracting vehicle license plate number from digital camera images. It consists of a camera

  • Number Plate Extraction

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    III. NUMBER PLATE EXTRACTION The captured input image has number plate covered by vehicle body, so by this step only number plate area is detected and extracted from whole body of vehicle. The number plate extraction phase influence the accuracy of ANPR system because all further step depend on the accurate extraction of number plate area. The input to this stage is vehicle image and output is a portion of image containing the exact number plate. Number plate can be distinguished by its features.

  • Automatic License Plate Reader Essay

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    has revolutionized the way police officers go about their job on a daily bases. It is constantly changing for both the good and the bad, and helps to create a safer and better environment for citizens to live in. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is just one of the many technologies that have been discovered, and put into place throughout the policing community. Automatic Number Plate Recognition is means of surveillance that uses optical character recognition on various images and makes

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Congestion Charging System

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    accuracy of 99% or greater, while ANPR accuracy is lower and it varies by facility and conditions (bad weather, dirt). Both of these technologies require roadside infrastructure which is expensive to install, require maintenance which is also costly, occupies a space and if it's necessary it is hart or impossible to relocate, where satellites and cellular networks don't require infrastructure. While some of this systems require one or more types of equipment, ANPR does not require equipment in vehicle

  • A Summary Of A Personal Statement

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    and dispatching. Last year I was successfully promoted to scale 5 and have been working as a senior comms officer since that time. I am a tutor and have tutored 9 new members of staff on call taking and dispatch and 2 others on the ANPR desk. I am fully trained in ANPR, VODS, recruitment and selection interviewing and as an acting supervisor. I am also the health and safety SPOC along with first aid and fire marshal for FCR a role I volunteered to take on alongside my normal duties. I have completely

  • Bluetooth Technology and Travel Time Data Collection

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    A number of journals, technical reports and case studies were referred in order to develop an in – depth knowledge on the concepts of this study. Firstly, this section deals with the various traditional travel time collection techniques in order to provide a comparison with the Bluetooth travel time method. Secondly, the working concepts of Bluetooth and its components are reviewed in detail. The final section reviews the application of Bluetooth technology in travel time data collection. It involves

  • License Plate Localization : The Localization Step Is Further Sub Divided Into Different Modules

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    3.2. License plate localization: The localization step is further sub-divided into different modules: 3.2.1. Character Detection and Filtering using Connected Component Analysis The segmented regions of the image are then screened to identify plausible characters. First, the module checks simply the size and area constraints hmin < h < hmax wmin < w < wmax

  • The Wild, Engineering & Technology ( 17509637 ) 9.7 ( 2014 )

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    Andrews, Crispin. "Uavs In The Wild." Engineering & Technology (17509637) 9.7 (2014): 33- 35. Academic Search Complete. Web. 30 July 2014. *June 3, 2014 South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) banned privately owned drones with cameras in South African airspace. They said the drones had to meet certain “requirements” which not one did *The next day, the Kenyan government banned privately owned drones with cameras. Drones here were being used to protect black rhinos and the critically endangered

  • What Do You Think Of When You Hear National Parks?

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    them What do you think of when you hear national parks? Most people would say fresh air, blue skies, beautiful landscapes, and wild life. Others might give you the names of parks or landmarks, such as Yellowstone, Yosemite, The Liberty Bell, and Pearl Harbor, I guarantee you that no one would bring up crime. Crime does occur in national parks, and it has been happening since the early beginnings of parks. It ranges from graffiti and defacing of property all the way up to more serious crimes such