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  • A Spring Morning at Grandma’s Antique Shop Essay

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    transparent glass: Forest green, cobalt blue, peachy pink, and amber yellow forms a surrealistic prism around the room. In the swirling colors, Victorian dolls dance. This is the image that comes to mind when I think of a spring morning at Grandma’s Antique Shop. Gravel crunches as I walk toward the old gray house. Above the steps is a baby blue sign that reads "Todd's Treasures," a hoe and rake form a pyramid over the sign. The steps are wooden and give gently with each quick step I take. The sleigh

  • The Secret At The Antique Store

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    The Secret at the Antique Store My grandfather had been working in his old antique shop since before he and my grandmother got married. He had tons of antiques from I don 't even know what age. On the weekends, I would help him run the shop, but one day, I had to work longer than I expected, for my grandfather had gotten an emergency call from the hospital. This is where my story begins. I had been working at the shop all day with the occasional ring of the front door bell. In total

  • Italian Cinema Paper

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    Blow-Up, his second colored film, investigates how man deals with the flux even though he is separated from it. The viewer is first introduced to downtown London. A grayish-black jeep, teeming with shouting young adults, crawls over a cobble stone hill into a gray blue sky and turns the corner. The jeep reappears in a wide street, young adults, painted as mimes, pour from the vehicle and flood the road. A small group passes by the protagonist Thomas, who hands one begging girl a crumpled bill from

  • Essay on My Grandmother

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    to exorcise this. The poem is divided into four parts: the first stanza describes her grandmother working in the shop; the second the incident which causes her guilt; the third stanza shows her in retirement. In the final stanza, after her grandmother has died, the speaker reflects on herself and her grandmother's life. The first stanza sets the scene - the antique shop reflects the character and life of the grandmother. The words 'it kept her' suggest that it seems, to

  • Halloween Essay : The Night Before Halloween

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    She gets everything she wants because she is an only child. Not a worry in the world. It was the day before Halloween and Hanayia was preparing her costume. She was going to be a zombie bride. She had bought a white dress with a tiara from an antique shop. She was going to enter the Halloween competition with her best friend Assiralc for best dressed. It was going to be in a haunted house. She was so excited to enter the competition that she spent over 100 dollars for the tiara and dress, but really

  • Descriptive Essay About Hot Chocolate

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    pictures and forming a line. I shifted my weight and waited impatiently in the filled to the brim coffee shop. “How much longer?” I whined, crossing my arms and pouting my lips. The line was moving at sluggish speed, and I was ready for my hot chocolate. After a moment of chatter, my parents decided that me and my sister could wait outside and people watch. Relieved, and walking out of the shop, we were welcomed by the cool fall air and rustle of coats. The street was filled with strange items and

  • The Day My Grandfather Richard

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    The moment I was informed about this oral history report, only one person came to my mind when deciding who to compose this project about. This person was my grandfather. He was an inspiration in my life. This project has given me the opportunity to reflect back onto my grandfather’s stories and historical accomplishments for on March 19, 2012 was the day my grandfather Richard “Joel” Pettingell left this earth. There was no such thing as a dull moment in my grandfather’s life. The time I got to

  • I Have A Love Of Two Things : Music And Classic Cars

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    things: music and classic cars. It was of no surprise that I purchased my first muscle car at the age of 17. It was a 1973 Mach I Mustang. In 1999 I began employment at Bob’s Auto Body in Rochester, Minnesota. I was a general shop assistant that was responsible for cleaning of the shop, maintenance of equipment as needed, and assisting the auto body technicians. Within six months I had applied and been accepted to Wyoming Technical Institute (WyoTech) in Laramie Wyoming with the goal of obtaining the knowledge

  • A Hero : A Comparison Of A Hero

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    through his teen year which included jail time. His wake-up call was when he woke up in the park and realized he had no place to go or sleep. He went to rehab in 1999, when he got out he started restoring classic cars. Valencia now owns his very own shop in Lancaster, California. Some of the

  • My Vacation To Punta Cana

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    younger, but don’t have any memories except for the flight. I want to share two favorite things that were awesome about our trip, the food and the gift shops. I really enjoyed both of them because the food tasted delicious and the gift shops had a bunch of cool items such as chocolate, medication, beach towels, and a lot of expensive jewelry and antiques that just cost too much. The food in the Dominican Republic always tasted like it came from a restaurant and I never was concerned about it because