Descriptive Essay About Hot Chocolate

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Scurrying along the copper colored brick road, people moved their way through the crowd. My family and I were new to the state of Washington, and eager to explore the Pike Place Market. Tourists crowded in front of the original Starbucks, taking pictures and forming a line. I shifted my weight and waited impatiently in the filled to the brim coffee shop.
“How much longer?” I whined, crossing my arms and pouting my lips. The line was moving at sluggish speed, and I was ready for my hot chocolate. After a moment of chatter, my parents decided that me and my sister could wait outside and people watch. Relieved, and walking out of the shop, we were welcomed by the cool fall air and rustle of coats.
The street was filled with strange items and odd people. Passing a couple of street singers, we spotted a living statue. Covered all in silver, resembling a tin man, in a kneeling position. As we passed, its eyes followed our gaze until we were again enveloped by the crowd. My sister jerked her arm, looked back and quickened her walking speed.
Trying to catch up, I yelled, “Camryn, slow down! Why are you walking so fast?” She grabbed my hand and dashed inside a nearby antique store. Looking out of the hazy window, she scanned the exterior for the Starbucks. But her eyes stopped dead at the spot where the living statue had kneeled. She looked back at me and looked as if she had seen a ghost. She said four words.
“The statue is gone.”

Looking through the crowd, her eyes swept over

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