Antonio Stradivari

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  • Essay about The Glorious Stradivari Revolution

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    The Glorious Stradivari Revolution Antonio Stradivari, a man known by many as on of the greatest luthiers of all time. The question at hand is why? From as early as the early 1700’s Stradivari was well known in the music world and still is. His instruments are reproduced in order to fool consumers into buying an instrument that has the same design as a Strad. There are also luthiers that try to replicate Stradivari’s beautiful design for their own satisfaction. Antonio Stradivari’s instruments

  • Film Critique: The Red Violin Essay

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    directed by filmmaker Francois Girard, which follows the history of a mysterious and intriguing musical instrument over the span of 300 years. Francois Girard got the idea for the movie from events involving the legendary red Mendelssohn, a 1720 Antonio Stradivari violin which was purchased in 1990 by the grandfather of celebrated musician and heiress, Elizabeth Pitcairn (Fricke, 2010). The story is artfully and elegantly put together, and although the story is fictional the plot portrays what could

  • Reno Philharmonic Orchestra At The Pioneer Center

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    Reno Philharmonic Orchestra On Tuesday, March 14, 2017, I attended the Reno Philharmonic Orchestra at the Pioneer Center. The program for that evening included a Violin Concerto op 14 (1939) by Samuel Barber. With Benjamin Beilman, on the violin, the piece included three movements. Followed by Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 1 I D major, Titan (1889). Violin Concerto op 14 (1939) I. Allegro moderato II. Andante III. Presto in motion perpertuo Symphony No. 1 I D major, Titan (1889) I. Langsam, schleppend

  • Antonio Stradivari 's Influence On Future Generations Of Musicians And Instrument Makers

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    Antonio Stradivari is quite often referred to as the greatest violin and stringed instrument maker to ever live. Much of this credit is given to Stradivari because people simply know his name. Countless violinists have expressed over the years the great frequency that people always ask them if they own a Stradivari instrument or not. The reality is, although Antonio Stradivari was certainly a master at his work, he was not the only one to create stringed instruments and certainly was not the first

  • Merchant of Venice: Portia Essay

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    would be better with Balthazar’s presence. Another example of Portia fighting back is when Portia uses trickery to make Shylock stick exactly to the bond causing him to be condemned to Christianity and to give half of his belongings to Antonio and the other half to

  • Essay on Prejudice in William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice

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    Prejudice in William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice The main theme of the Merchant of Venice is of Shylock, a Jew, and Antonio, a Christian taking part in a deal involving the Jew lending the Christian a sum of money. The bond they make is that if Antonio cannot pay Shylock back, Shylock can take legally a pound of Antonio's flesh as payment. The other plots in the play consist of Jessica, Shylock's daughter eloping with Lorenzo, another Christian and Antonio's

  • Essay on Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice

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    in the middle or the inability of the others to move on. The same is seen in The Merchant of Venice, in which Antonio and Portia fight for Bassanio. Throughout the play we see many bonds or connections between both Antonio and Bassanio as well as Portia and Bassanio. To many, the main plot may seem to be the conflict between Antonio and Shylock, when in reality it’s the love that Antonio and Portia have for Bassanio that leads to everything. The main plot is moved forward by the bonds the two have

  • `` The Merchant Of Venice `` By William Shakespeare

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    labyrinth that plagues the lives of all ever since humanity’s first existence. Yet it,s double-edged sword like characteristics of also providing opportunities and gains keeps many enthralled in it. In William Shakespeare 's’ The Merchant of Venice, Antonio, a protagonist, gives himself over to a life-threatening contract with the villain, Shylock the Jew, in order to provide the means for one of Antonio’s friend the opportunity to woo a lady. Over the course of the play, various risky opportunities

  • Shakespeare's Presentation of Shylock in the Merchant of Venice

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    ships crashing; the money has failed to be returned. According to their bargain Antonio must now give Shylock a pound of his flesh. Shakespeare uses Shylock is this play in order to provoke feelings of sympathy but also of hatred towards the villain in this play- the Jew. However you can't help but feel compassion for his situation as he is

  • The Plot Synopsis Of The Merchant Of Venice

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    Plot Synopsis Antonio, a Venetian merchant, complains to his friends of a sadness, perhaps because Bassanio is away. Meanwhile Bassanio is desperately in need of money to court Portia, a wealthy lady who lives in the city of Belmont. Bassanio requests Antonio for a loan in order to travel in style to Portia’s estate. Antonio is unable to give the loan himself because his money is all invested in the trade ships that are still at sea. Antonio suggests that Bassanio secure the loan from the moneylender