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  • AOL Instant Messenger Essay

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    AOL Instant Messenger, otherwise known as AIM, was the first instant messenger website that allowed people to communicate all over the world in an instant, hence the name. This website has been around since May of 1997, but since the rise of Facebook messenger, Gmail, and Skype, the amount of users has declined. According to a 2011 report done by OPSWAT, a company that provides software engineering and IT professionals with development tools and data services, AIM market share was only 0.73 percent

  • Descriptive Essay On The Wrecking Ball

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    The Wrecking Ball The crowd screamed and surged as they looked up at the gleaming escalator. He descended proudly, nodding approvingly at their expectant and trusting faces. All of their dreams and hopes came down with him, reaching the high point as he stepped off at the very bottom. Over in the expansive ballroom, just beneath the majestic chandelier, hang his best surprise yet. The wrecking ball swayed slowly and gently, waiting to pick up some speed. He knew it was right there, but for now

  • Aol Messenger Essay

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    AOL messenger is no more and Twitter users share their embarrassing old AOL usernames (-- removed HTML --) It’s with a heavy heart that we write this. AOL messenger is no more, and it’s hard to say goodbye. AOL instant message (AIM) has been running since 1997. It dominated the North American chat scene since it first arrived, and it taught many North American kids the basics of texting before we could even text. AIM will be shutting down on December 15, though AOL is currently removing all of

  • Aol : The First Internet Service Providers Essay

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    Company History AOL was one of the first internet service providers in the United States. American Online founded in 1985 by Steven Case and Jim Kinsey in 1985. A few years AOL introduced a few new features to their company such as instant messenger or also known as AIM. This allowed AOL of convert from an hourly service to a free service. That same year, AOL became a publicly traded company. AOL provided their users a wide range of services from email, instant messaging if they have a secure internet

  • Forensic Analysis Paper

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    Abstract- The contemporary Smartphone has built-in Instant Messaging (IM) applications like Whatsapp, Line, etc, which facilitates users to send and receive chat messages, video, audio and images via Smartphone in real time. Apart from benefits offered by Instant Messaging (IM), it also suffers from few vulnerabilities which provide ground for attackers to launch attacks such as Man-in-the-middle attack (MITM). These applications leave traces and Evidences in phone. In order to identify crimes, it

  • Personal Note On Instant Messaging

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    I. Related Work Instant messaging (IM) is a type of online chat which offers real-time text transmission over the Internet. Most popular network IM system: AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), Yahoo! Messenger (YMSG),and Microsoft Messenger(MSN).are discussed. A. AOL Instant Messenger AIM defines different types of servers. Some of them are login, BOS icon, chat room setup, user search and chat room hosting. AIM uses client-server architecture for normal operations but uses a peer-to-peer approach for

  • Internet and Cultural and Historical Diversity of Style in Composition

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    The Internet is arguably the greatest breakthrough in information technology ever; it allows for instant communication between people situated on other sides of the world. Furthermore, it allows for access to virtually limitless information on a plethora of topics. Commerce, too, has been revolutionized by this medium; the intermediary is cut out of

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    2003, AOL Time Warner, Inc., announced that it would be posting a loss of $98.7 billion for the year ended December 31, 2002, the largest corporate loss in U.S. history. While company exec- utives described the loss as a result of accounting changes rather than problems with ongoing opera- tions, the media conglomerate clearly faced significant challenges. The stock price closed the month of January at $11.66, down from $71 in January 2000, when it announced its merger with America Online (AOL). The

  • How Has Technology Helped Communication In The 20th Century

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    Communication is a major concern back in the old ages, letter was the commonly used medium of it until telegraph was invented in 1792, and this allowed messages to be delivered over a great distance. In the late 1800s the radio and the telephone both improved the means of communication, it brought communication to a higher level. Technology began to change tremendously in the 20th century. With the first supercomputer in 1940s, professionals began to experiment ways to bridge networks within these

  • Diversification Strategies

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    Both AOL and Time Warner were successful in their own right before the merger. The companies together had approximately 85,000 employees. Their global presence was one that was and still is well known. The acquisition valued at $350 billion and is still the largest merger in American business. But this marriage was not one made in media heaven. AOL Time Warner diversified because of synergy, it was designed to save money