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  • Essay on Apollo Program

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    Kennedy. The Apollo missions had one main goal, to land on the moon and get back to earth safely. Apollo was the third space flight program after Project Gemini and Project Mercury, flown by NASA (National Astronautics and Space Administration). The program started in 1967 and was able to land humans on the moon by 1972. The Apollo missions had important effects on technologies and the nation as a result of Kennedy’s dream to put a man on the

  • The Discovery Of The Apollo Program

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    The Apollo program was a series of planned, manned space flight missions,with the ultimate goal of sending a man to the moon, to out match the Russians. The mission that landed the first people on the moon was Apollo 11. This mission became famous worldwide as people watched the first steps Neil Armstrong took on the moon from the television. This momentous event changed the tide of the space race. It showed that America was superior in space technology and programs and showed that the United States

  • Apollo Program : Apollo 11

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    Apollo 11 “Nothing since Apollo has come close to the excitement that was generated by those astronauts: Armstrong, Aldrin, and the ten others who followed them”. (“Apollo”). Being launched on the fourteenth of July in the year 1969, Apollo 11 had created a whole new period of space exploration and technology, defeating the Soviets in the Space Race, and bringing the end of the Cold War closer and to our favor. The Apollo 11 Mission had taken a major part in forming what is now today’s science,

  • History of the Apollo Program Essay

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    F. Kennedy launched one of the largest endeavors that America has ever embarked upon. The address given to congress in May of 1961 put America in a race against Russia to see who could make it to the moon first. This was the start of the space program in America. From it came the

  • Essay On Apollo Space Program

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    The Apollo space program was arguably one of the most important missions in the entire history of mankind. This program represented the hopes of one nation and the fears of another. The middle of the 20th century the United States and the Soviet Union were locked in a battle to see who could get to the moon first known as the space race. This race was intensified by the cold war that was going on between the two countries at the time as well. The Apollo program first began in 1961 because of the

  • The History of National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

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    two astronauts flying aboard Gemini spacecraft’s. Gemini was the second human spaceflight program initiated by the U.S. While operating between Apollo and Mercury, Gemini consisted of 10 successful flights in 1965 and 1966. Gemini main goals were to subject man and equipment to space flight up to two weeks in time. Project Mercury begun in 1958 and was over in 1963. Mercury was the United Sates first program to establish a human presence in space. Mercury also made six human flights from 1961 to 1963

  • Essay Race to the Moon

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    war and the dreaded V-2 rockets which rained down on Britain. At the end of the war it was a mad dash for the U.S. and Soviets to grab German technology, engineers, and scientists who then went on to help develop each countries missile and space programs. (Chertok 2005) The beginning of the space race started as a quest to develop rockets capable of carrying nuclear weapons to each other’s countries and then the race began to put the first artificial satellite into orbit. The beginning of the space

  • Challenger Disaster Research Paper

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    President Regan ordered an immediate postponement of the Space Shuttle Program. The U.S. Congress then authorized an investigation of the Challenger disaster. It was a cold morning when Challenger was supposed to fly into space. Several NASA officials urged that the launch be postponed for warmer weather conditions. Since the NASA Launch Decision Team had okayed several space shuttles launches at and below that present temperature and had gotten away with it, the order was ignored (Howell). Seventy-three

  • Unmanned Robotic Spacecraft Exploration Is More Than A Financial Analysis Exercise

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    life which must be balanced against the possible scientific knowledge gained and the prospect of eventual human settlement in this “new” frontier. Space exploration should continue with a focus on manned missions due to the positive impacts of such programs on both culture and the contribution of scientific knowledge so long as the appropriate precautions are taken. The most obvious argument against manned spaceflight comes from the risks to an astronaut’s health. Astronauts on a round trip mission

  • The Ideas Of Future Technology

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    longer we got of this!’’ Morty said. Morty was a short little fellow that was very hot tempered. ‘’Just about 36 days more for you, I have approximately 278.’’ “Man this is wack!” Morty was referring to the program we signed up for, ‘’SpaceX’’. It was a program founded by Elon Musk to send Humans far passed the boundaries of space that humans have been to. Their test monkeys were “criminals’’ assigned the decision to live out their case or be have their time in jail be reduced to