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  • Gun Control Argument

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    Gun Control: Is it a win or a loss? Upon doing the research for my last gun control paper, I found that I had a really tough time deciding which side of the argument I thought was more correct. So I decided to conduct more specific research and figure out if in fact, there was a winning side to the argument. Upon doing my research, I formed a research question which was; “Is there in fact a winning side to the argument of gun control?”. I was on the hunt to find out if making gun control laws

  • Gun Control Arguments

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    Gun Control The argument of gun control has become a debate of society. There is a lot of emotional rhetoric behind this debate. Gun control will not work as statistics, history (with other foreign countries), and common sense have shown. Gun laws will not significantly modify the already false accusations made against guns and gun violence. One of the biggest myths is that people think that guns are the cause of mass murder. The use of extended magazines is also a myth as people believe that it

  • Gun Control Argument

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    Gun Control The gun control debate in the US is often contentious and politically divisive. And with upcoming elections always looming in the near future, we will continue hearing a great deal from the media as well as politicians about what should or should not be done about “too many guns” in our society. Unfortunately, too many Americans do not take time to truly understand the issues and the reasoning behind both sides of the controversy. To help get a clearer perspective of the problem, there

  • Arguments For Gun Control

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    Introduction  Gun control has become a controversial topic in the United States. It has formed the foundation of many debates, which have resulted into general arguments that either support or refute the gun control regulations. The gun control laws were first enacted by the Congress in 1930’s. The federal and state laws stipulate the groups of people who are prohibited from owning firearms. These groups include fugitives, illegal aliens, individuals who have been pronounced to have unsound mind

  • An Argument For Gun Control

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    AN ARGUMENT FOR GUN CONTROL USAACE NCOA SSG Teddy J. Lopez 15Z SLC 17-003 SFC Maridol Although the Second Amendment stops the federal government from entirely banning guns in America, limited restrictions are permitted on the possession and distribution of firearms. The ease of obtaining a firearm in America fosters a dangerous environment

  • Gun And Control : The Argument Over Gun Control

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    Gun Control The argument over gun control is an ongoing debate with the first big written regulation dating back to when the 2nd amendment was first written in 1791. The second amendment states that “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” (Legal Information Institute). Since then it has been fought over time and time again about what this statement truly means and what it entitles for people

  • Gun Control Argument

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    Nowadays, gun control is a hot and heavy topic. Some believe the laws should be stricter while others believe in the right to bear arms and nothing infringing that right. The people who believe in stricter laws are putting their main focus on murders, robberies, and other negative things that go along with any weapon. However, while guns are an accessory to murder, robbery, and many other crimes, they also have positive effects on people. For many people, guns have saved their lives, fed their families

  • The Argument In Favor Of Gun Control

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    The debate on gun control is fueled by peoples conflicting thoughts, opinions and, ideas. Between those who support gun rights, and those who argue against them, and in favor of harsher gun control laws. It has shown and proven to be one of the most argued and debated issues in our society today. Understanding the exact meaning of our 2nd amendments right plays a major role in the arguments of either side. Being that each side reads, or understands its meaning differently. I will be presenting a

  • Arguments Against Gun Control

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    Guns. Some people automatically think of violence and death when they hear this word. While others think about self-protection, an inalienable right, and fun. These two groups are the main voices in the gun control conversation that debates how much the government should/can control gun flow in the United States. There are many other groups that are in the conversation that are not 100% anti-gun, or all the way guns-for-everyone supporter. American’s started their loving relationship with guns’

  • Arguments Against Gun Control

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    Gun control is a controversial issue in our country; simply because it is targeting not just one person but anyone that comes into contact with one. Everyone is vulnerable to this type of danger - either dying by death or sustaining concerning injuries through a bullet wound. Gun violence can be seen almost everywhere - through current news, the internet, and even social media. It seems almost as if we see gun violence breaking out in each part of the world but, we constantly dismiss this because