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  • Physics 2012 DSE

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    sub. 1A 3 = 45600 J 1 A 1M 1A 2 1A 1A 2 1M 1A correct answer, accept 2 sig. fig. [Accept without 4 π] 3 1A 2 (Accept 1.97 × 105 Pa to 2.00 × 105 Pa) (b) 3. (a) Volume increases as bubble rises but the speed / k.e. 1A speed / k.e. of molecules of gas molecules remains unchanged unchanged therefore frequency of collision of molecules on 1A frequency of collision on inner bubble’s inner surface decreases, gas pressure decreases. surface/wall decreases AND pressure decreases 1A (i) 1A

  • Report: Bsb vs Sky Television

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    would act fast and decisively would be a serious threat for BSB. 2. Before Sky’s announcement BSB should have followed a strategy to increase the cost of entry for any potential entrant. In practice, BSB could have bought exclusivity rights over Astra satellite as a new entrant could provide the same service with a medium-powered satellite. Actually, by signing this exclusivity they would have launched their services immediately (with PAL existing technology), guaranteeing a first move advantage

  • Antegren Case Study

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    9-408-025 NOVEMBER 14, 2007 JOSHUA MARGOLIS THOMAS DELONG TERRY HEYMANN Antegren: A Beacon of Hope As Jim Mullen, CEO of Biogen Idec, drove into work on February 19, 2004, he considered both the tremendous hope and stiff challenge generated by the company the previous day. The company had announced its intention to submit an application to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seeking approval for Antegren, a drug that Biogen Idec was developing in partnership with Elan to treat multiple